One of my favorite people in all of journalism is James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Yes, he’s a journalist, albeit a conservative one. But a political ideology is not a disqualification for a journalist. After all, I have a lot of respect for liberal journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibi as they tell uncomfortable truths to their own side.

Now, admittedly primarily targets his investigative journalism towards sacred cows and politicians on the left.

A lot of the people on the left cry a lot about this because he has a tendency of demonstrating that a good amount of those in power on the left believe that the ends often justify the means no matter how unethical or immoral the means may be.

This last year Veritas’ reportage has probably been the best yet. In addition, he’s sued both Twitter and the New York Times, the official paper of dis-record of all the lizard people. Both cases have merit.

The events of the last week have been a little concerning, arguably terrifying. And any intellectually honest journalist, of which there are few, should be terrified. Friendly reminder, the other team wins elections, too. And what the FBI has done to Veritas can happen to you.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the videos below will take you on the journey to see just how out of control the FBI is.

If we live in a country where the regime can get away with this, then it’s undeniably time to start seriously thinking about how we politically dissolve the union between red and blue states.

For some that have followed my blog for years, you know there was a period of time where I taught public school. And avid readers would know that I’m also a huge fan of the work that James O’Keefe does through Project Veritas (so much so, that I’m actually a monthly donor).

I’m encouraged at how many on the political right are starting to wake up to the fact that they do really need to be involved in their child’s education. Veritas released one of my favorite undercover investigations of all time this past week.

Having been on the inside of public education, especially in this part of the country, not all teachers are radicals. Admittedly, I never saw a teacher in all my years that was this bad. Although, I did once walk by a Spanish classroom at Staley High School that had a poster of the murderous commie Che Guevara on the wall. Guess they were there to learn Spanish?

Ladies and gentleman, this is how you deal with the radicals. You get them on film. You get them to tell you exactly what they’re up to. And then you ruin their lives.

Well done.

Meet Gabriel Gripe, public AP teacher, communist revolutionary.

Ole’ Gabe doesn’t like to be questioned. Neither does the school district.

Gabe is sad he’s been had. Look above his head. I can’t tell for sure, but I think that’s some sort of communist imagery framed on his red wall. Someone call Xi in China, this guy might fit in well.
That all escalated quickly. Poor Gabe, former AP teacher.
Parents were pissed, rightfully so. Love seeing minority parents speak up about this crap.
More pissed parents. Oops… Parents don’t like commie teacher.

People waking up is a beautiful thing… Important to remember that the radical left (i.e. communists, progressives, Theorists) only make up about 30% of the population, these people are easily stopped.

Join the revolution, the revolution that puts truth above collectivism….

So, the day after the Clay County Health Board had to sit through 3 hours of frustrated citizens comments in their Special meeting, my Sunshine Request produced results the next morning.

Imagine that!?

It was an amazing feat of technological skill. Clay County Health Director Gary Zaborac attached it to an email and hit send. Guess they had to call in the big dog to get the job done. Way to go, Gary!

Anyway, for those that want to read it, I’m going to post it here because you know, that’s what the Health Board should have done in tandem with the special meeting notice last Wednesday.

Covid-19 and On-Site Learning Guidance for Schools & Early Childcare Centers

Whoa! Just with a couple clicks of the mouse and it appears on this website. I’m a freaking tech genius! The things we have in 2021!

According to the document, it’s meant to be a resource for schools to operate safely for the Fall 2021 semester. Overall, it’s actually not a terrible document as we are truly dealing with an endemic virus that can cause trouble for a select segment of the population. I’ve never denied that, I just think the concern about the virus is disproportinate to the risk when you weigh all other risk factors in your life. Additionally, whether you think we need a health department or not, we have one, and this sort of stuff is in their wheelhouse.

Here’s the section that deals with masks:

What’s interesting about this section is it does seem to support what Zaborac said in the meeting the other night, it’s up to the schools and the local school boards.

Supposedly Zaborac has told local mayors that he has no plan for a full mask mandate. And it appears, he’s trying to put this up to the schools.

That’s where this gets a little grey.

I live in Kearney, and I’ve been told by one of my school board members that I trust that the real problem last year wasn’t so much the existence of the mask mandate from the health department, it was more the school district’s liability insurance company. The insurance company basically told the district if you don’t do what the health board is saying you should then we won’t insure you. I suspect that this has to deal with the insurance companies fear that someone might sue the district if their child got sick from the Vid and they weren’t masking when the local Health Dictator… err Director had said they should. Supposedly on the board up here it was 4-3 in favor of masking.

(As a side note here, I’m a former public educator, and let me tell you there is an incredible need for highly qualified people to run for local school boards. As I said, I live in Kearney, and if you pay any attention to the local news, our former Superintendent just resigned after he decided to run his car off the road at the Lake of the Ozarks after a night of partying like a frat boy at a hotel bar with other area school superintendents. Our current board, couldn’t get rid of him immediately or put him on leave because they couldn’t count to 4, only 3. Embarrassing…)

I highly doubt this document is not passed by the Health Board and while I could nitpick through some of it, again, overall I find it tolerable. Plus, I highly doubt you could stop it if you wanted to. The board clearly supported it the other night except for one member, Dr. Lancer Gates. Based upon his comments, he liked parts of the document.

So where does that leave us?

If you’re in a district that has universal masking already announced, sorry, you’re probably going to be stuck with it for your child this year unless you can do a few things: Get enough people to run for the school board elections to alter the mindset of the existing board. Put enough pressure on the existing board to where they finally find a spine. Pull your kid out of school and homeschool them.

If you’re in a district that hasn’t made it’s mind up yet about what it’s going to do, you’ll want to do a couple things: First, let the board members know you don’t support universal masking. If the thing about the insurance is actually true, encourage the board to maybe have some guts and call one of the clowns from the health insurance before the school board to explain. I struggle to believe with as high as a liability premium would be for an entity like a school board that the insurance company wouldn’t get a little nervous about losing the business. There is more than one insurance company in the country. I also struggle to believe that the insurance rating would go up that much over this topic. Second, if you have the means, let them know that you’re absolutely willing to pull your kid out of school and homeschool them if they want to implement a mask mandate. Third, let them know that there’s a school board election coming up and if they’re someone that implemented a mask mandate in your district, getting them off the board is going to become your favorite project over the next year or two.

After what I saw Monday night, it’s clear that the Health Board needs cleansed except for maybe Dr. Gates. I kind of liked the guy and thought he did a decent job trying to deal with a tough crowd and a tough situation. Lots of people don’t realize this, but there wasn’t even an election last time for the Health Board because no one freaking filed to run for it! There were multiple qualified people that stood up and spoke Monday night that would be exceptional candidates to be on the health board going forward. And it was clear from the public comment, that not every doctor in nurse on the face of the Earth support universal masking. I control a political action committee that I can use to help you raise money with. If you’re interested, let me know, because I know of some people that are interested in joining us in cleansing it out.