Ryan Silvey Needs To Go in 2010

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Representative Ryan Silvey
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I ran across an interesting blog post on the Pitch weeklys’ website about Ryan Silvey. If you don’t know what the Pitch is, it is a local free publication that draws a fine line between liberalism and news. The blog post was a slobbering affectionate piece about how Mr. Silvey is one of the few Republican bright spots because “he didn’t agree with his fellow Republicans’ blanket opposition to health-care expansion this year.”

There is nothing bright about Mr. Silvey’s decisions. First he supported SCHIP legislation last year and now he wants to expand Medicaid coverage. Mr. Silvey claims that this would cost taxpayers no money. He is somewhat correct, it would only cost those taxpayers money that ended up in the hospital. Mr. Nixon was going to pay for the expansion with a donation from the Missouri Hospital Association. The MHA is a trade organization of 150 member hospitals. So basically the MHA was going to take dues money and donate it to the state. In other words, if you go into the hospital your bill is larger because your hospital belongs to this trade association, that money is used to pay for those that don’t have health care.

Mr. Silvey the government needs to get out of health care permanently, you disappoint me. I look forward to supporting your primary opponent in 2010, I will make sure we find someone that can do your job a little better.


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