Straight Talk With Sam 6/15/2009-Congressman Sam Graves

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Congressman Sam Graves

This is the most recent Straight Talk With Sam Graves, Congressman Graves newsletter for the 6th Congressional district in Missouri. I agree with what Mr. Graves discusses below.

Nuclear Power is a Part of the Solution

Energy prices continue to climb having a major impact on family budgets in Missouri. Meanwhile our nation’s unemployment rate is the highest in 25 years. In Washington, those problems are seen as two separate issues. They shouldn’t be. We can create a win-win situation for Missourians if we find solutions that tackle both problems simultaneously.

Last week, legislation was proposed in Congress that would both create jobs and put us further down the path of energy independence. The American Energy Act is an all of the above solution for energy independence.

Today in America there are 104 nuclear reactors that provide our country with 20 percent of its electricity. Nuclear reactors provide the United States with 73% of its CO2-free electricity, yet we have not built a significant new nuclear plant since 1978.

This bill would establish a goal to bring 100 nuclear reactors online over the next 20 years. Nuclear power is a safe, reliable source of energy that both Republicans and Democrats agree should be a part of our energy solution.

Too often people say they oppose the solution, because they do not want a plant in their back yard. I have lived with a nuclear plant within 20 miles of my home for almost my entire life. They are good neighbors who provide safe and reliable power.

Instead of pushing an energy tax that will cost us jobs, Washington ought to be looking for solutions that make us energy independent and help create jobs. Nuclear power can help do just that.


Sam Graves

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