The Myths of National Health Care pt. 1, The Moral Myth

Posted: June 20, 2009 in National Health Care
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It is time to address the issue of national health care. I thought that I would put together a series of these because this is a huge issue to discuss. I hope to put some things out there that for once dispels some myths. Millions of Americans, for whatever reason, seem to think that it is time to make sure that all American’s have health insurance. Because they are such generous people, they want to spend my money, without consulting me first, to address this situation.

First thing first, I want to address the moral argument. People say health care is a right! For effect, the person that utters the statement usually gets all huffy and emotional. Would you please tell me where in our founding documents, constitution, laws, etc. that states that you are entitled to health insurance and all the fancy medical treatments that people of rational mind have created? Let me help you out, it doesn’t exist anywhere. Please don’t try the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness argument.” There is no implication in this statement or the actual historical context this statement is pulled from.

You are not entitled to health care, you are not entitled to cancer treatments or experimental procedures, you are not entitled to anything medical. The old adage there are three guarantees in life birth, taxes (more so now then ever), and death still rings true. If you want to prolong the third part of this, it’s your burden to do it. The reason is simple, capitalism created all of those treatments and medical research. The main reason a person researches a medical procedure is because they expect to profit from it. The main reason a person goes to school for eight years out of their life is so they can make a lot of money. You are not entitled to the fruits of their mind, their work is not your property, you will not and shall not steal it.

Here is a good question; at what point do I have rights? I know based upon research and rational thinking that a national health care system for those poor unfortunate people without health care is going to cost me a hell of  lot of money. Am I not entitled to my money? Am I not entitled to choose who my doctor is and where I get my health care from? Am I not entitled to pay for the things in my life that I want? I am, but if we do it the way you want to, I will lose my rights.

The next thing that might come out of a persons mouth in support of national health care is that we have all these poor people that don’t have health insurance. I get so tired of this as well. If you have half a brain you know that life is full of risk. You do it every day, you have a 1 in 16 risk of being in a car accident and a 41% chance of getting some form of cancer in your lifetime! So logic dictates that you need to prevent against medical risks. The argument that you cannot afford it is ridiculous and not acceptable. 260 million Americans make the choice to maintain health insurance for themselves and their families. We life in a society where people on government assistance programs have internet access, cell phones, and flat screen TVs. Why can’t they afford health care? The answer is simple they are not educated on the issue, or they flat out refuse to do it! Either way, it is their problem, not mine to fix.

Finally, many people seem to buy in to the mentality of “you are your brothers keeper.” I am not nor will I ever be mandated into slavery of taking care of a stranger. This is a religious belief and personal moral choice. Your moral code is not my moral code. I believe that personal responsibility is the only way to go and I refuse to take care of those people that consciously choose not to take care themselves!

What is funny, the person who tries to argue the moral high ground is the most immoral person of all. They are promoting an ideology of theft in the name of good intentions. They are probably the first person to throw an accusation of selfishness in your face. Let me make this abundantly clear. The fact that they care so much about another person who is disadvantaged inclines them to take hard earned money out of another persons pocket makes them the most selfish person of all.

The debate should end here, but we all know it doesn’t. In the next part of my series on the Myths of National Health Care I will delve into some of the statistics surrounding the issue.


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