Below you will find the June 22nd edition of Congressman Graves Straight Talk With Sam.

Renewable Fuels Good For Missouri’s Economy

This week, Congress may see the Cap and Trade bill on the floor. Americans do not want an energy tax; they want energy independence. This bill will do nothing to get us any closer to that goal. Instead this bill will be a new tax on producers and anyone else who uses energy.
Here in Missouri’s Sixth District we are helping create American energy. Farmers, and the ethanol they produce, are playing a role in reducing our high energy costs. We also are leading the way in wind production.
We need to build on the work that has already been done and increase our reliance on American energy. Increased investment in ethanol not only increases farm incomes and rejuvenates rural economies, but also helps to wean ourselves off foreign oil. In my mind ethanol is a triple hit. It’s good for consumers. It’s good for our environment. And it’s good for farmers and rural communities.
In addition, I believe we need to permanently extend the tax credits for the production of renewable electricity, like wind, solar, and biomass. It was tax credits like these that helped make the Loess Hills Wind Farm, which is powering the City of Rock Port, possible.
Best of all, these renewable fuels will help create good paying jobs in Missouri. An energy tax will simply send more jobs overseas and make America less competitive in the global market. I will oppose the energy tax on the floor, but I hope that Congress will take up legislation to invest in American energy and American jobs.

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Sam Graves


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