Upcoming Political Events for Clay County

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Clay County Political Events
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There are a couple of political events in Clay County for anyone that might be interested.

First, for the Republicans, conservatives, and any Democrats who are tired of their party there is a meeting of the Clay County Pachyderms this Thursday night 7/9/2009 at Tommy’s Restaurant. For those that don’t know “the National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, Inc. is an officially recognized allied organization of the Republican Party. Patterned after civic clubs, Pachyderm Clubs offer programs centered around politics and government. Pachyderm Clubs can be the continuity for the Republican Party from election to election in that unlike the party structure, Pachyderm Clubs remain active all year.” (The National Pachyderm Foundation).

The new Clay County Pachyderm club is seeking additional members. Its July 9th meeting will establish club leadership and officers. Clay County residents can become a charter member in our new grass roots organization by joining us on Thursday, July 9th. The Club forum is open to Republicans wanting a nationally affiliated organization that promotes conservative values and fiscally responsible government.

A separate meeting room is reserved at Tommy’s Restaurant, 6221 N. Chestnut, Gladstone, MO, from 6 P.M. until 8 P.M. While structuring our Club, people will be able to order food & beverages, talk freely and take needed action steps. You are invited to help us focus on best possible outcomes for the county in these “times that try men’s souls”.

For other information, please phone Tom Salisbury, 816-454-8655. This 07/09  meeting is about establishing an active, viable, inclusive and nationally affiliated Republican Pachyderm Club.

Second, for those sick and tired of the spending and waste in Washington, there will be a Patriot’s Day Tea Party held at Kearney City Park at 11:00 AM this Saturday June 11th. There will be several speakers from the Kansas City area there. I will be speaking at this event also. I was told as well that Darla Jaye from News Radio 980 might be speaking as well. This is yet another chance for people in Clay County and surrounding areas to get out and tell the politicians in Washington just how frustrated we are. Kearney is just a few minutes up I-35. All are invited, whether you live in Clay County or not. Tell all that you know.


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