Tim Flook Governor Jay Nixon signed the Invest in Missouri bill on June 29th. The legislation was cosponsored by representative Tim Flook. It goes into effect Aug. 28 and would allow the state to expand the eligibility guidlines of the Missouri Linked Deposit Program. This program places state funds in community banks and allows them to loan the money back out to borrowers at a reduced rate. This actually seems like a good idea to me, there is no expense for the taxpayer, and it would benefit those trying to get capital for their businesses.

Ryan Silvey Governor Nixon also signed legislation that was sponsored by representative Ryan Silvey that would force fee offices to be put up for competitive bids. This is good legislation as well because fee offices had often been used as gifts for political supporters by past Governors.

Luann Ridgeway Governor Nixon vetoed the proposed removal of the MO helmet law for motorcyclists. Sen. Ridgeway was a little mad. I can see both sides of this. In the end it’s personal responsibility, even though it’s absolute stupidity to jump on a motorcylce without a helmet. The problem lies in the fact that we live in such a chartible society invariably I am going to have to pay for one of these individuals who got their head split open because of lack of health insurance or some other reason. I say let them ride without helmets but they have to sign some kind of hold-harmless agreement when they get their license. That way I am covered and when motorcyclist fatalities and head traumas spike it’s not my burden to worry about.

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