Representative Bob Nance E-Newsletter-7/1/2009

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Representative Bob Nance
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Below is the July 1st edition of Representative Bob Nance’s E-Newsletter. Representative Nance represents the 36th district of Clay County Missouri.

US troops have withdrawn from cities in Iraq having formally handed over security duties to new Iraqi forces. Just before the Monday night deadline, four US soldiers were killed in combat.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, let us remember those who have sacrificed for ours and for others freedom. Thank and support all those who served in this endeavor.  There will be no parades for their valor and sacrifices and that is the real shame.”

Missouri State Fiscal Year Begins

Last week, the governor vetoed $105 million from the 2010 budget taking effect July 1st.

Vetoes Include:

$24.7 million Interoperability (Radio communications between emergency services)

$16.5 million MOHELA Projects

$12.6 million ethanol funding beyond FY 2011

$12.4 million care management and participant case management.

$10.0 million highway access to old Penitentiary Site

$5.0 million community college maintenance & repair increase.

$3.5 million dental rate increase for Medicaid providers.

$20.0 million in various projects across all departments.

Additional Expenditure Restrictions Include:

$91.3 million for the remaining MOHELA projects

$60.0 million salaries, expenses, contracts, and grants

$50.0 million Missouri Job Creation Fund

$47.8 million maintenance and repair for state buildings

$21.5 million in-home provider rate increase

$16.1 million various Veteran’s Homes projects

$12.2 million various DNR projects

$10.5 million lottery funded Vo-Tech School projects

$10.0 million trade zone facilities

In the District

On June 26th Representative Nolte and I conducted a Senior Event in Clay County similar to the ones I held in Lawson and Richmond last year.

The Ray County Museum held an Ice Cream Social on Saturday with David Blyth providing the musical entertainment.

I attended Ray County Senior Tax Levy Board meeting on June 30th. Jane Bartlett and other board members are working to help meet the needs of our seniors in Ray County.

In your service

Bob Nance

Quick Links:

Contact me at:

201 West Capitol Ave.

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone:  573-751-1468

Fax:      573-526-1110



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