Just got back from Patriots Day for Constitutional Conservatives. I was a guest speaker at this event that was held in the beautiful little suburban community of Kearney, MO. We had a decent showing today, I would say probably 125-150 people on a just miserable July morning. I hate the humidity here! I think we could have had more but it is nice to see people willing to give a couple hours out of their Saturday to say that they are fed up with the behavior of the Federal government.

Representative Graves sent a member of his staff to deliver a letter because the Representative was obligated to another event. Mr. Graves has fought hard against all this spending and unfairly gets attacked as one of them many times. This is not the case at all! Apparently he has a petition you can sign on his web page against all the government spending, it his intention to deliver it to Queen Pelosi. My wife and I are signing ours today!

State Representative Doug Ervin from Kearney’s district stopped by to give a few words as well. Mr. Ervin really knows his history and we have been grateful to have him here in district 35. Thanks to both of these representatives and their service to their constituents.

Other notable local speakers include Francis Semler of the Minuteman and Mack Porter from Porter Lumber.

Check out my speech on YouTube if you have the time! Leave a comment while you are there.


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