I have just returned from the Clay County Central Committee meeting. I thought I would post a report on how the meeting went.

After the initial housekeeping items there were a couple treasurer’s items discussed. The Clay County Central Committee is going to donate $500 to Congressman Graves for 2010. I think this is a great idea and there is no Congressman, Congresswoman, or candidate more deserving of the funds than Mr. Graves. They also decided to donate around $300 for Bob Nance’s golf fundraiser on Sept. 3.

I appreciated the fact that the Grassroots Action Conference was mentioned by the committee. I was able to stand and give a few words on the event. For those that don’t know about it, it is being held on July 25th at the Crown Center Hyatt from 9 AM – 5:30 PM. You can find out more by following the link above.

The committee discussed the upcoming Garage Sale that the Friends of the Clay County Republicans are holding this Saturday July 18th. Funds will go to benefit the Central Committee and the leftover items will go to charity. What a great way to benefit two great causes! They still could use some more donations if anyone out there has some old stuff they want to get rid of. My wife and I are donating quite a bit from our failed Garage Sale effort. Please check out the Clay County Republicans web page above to find out who to contact.

One last thing to mention, Ben Wierzbicki read a great article that he had recieved. I have seen or heard what he read before somewhere along the line. It is a piece that discusses what happened to the signers and the families of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. For those that don’t know they didn’t just sign a line, get all excited about Hope and Change, and go home for dinner. Lives were ruined, entire fortunes lost, all for the words, and more importantly, the meaning that stood behind them. Thanks Ben, it was a great reminder.

I was able to stick around and meet a  few people from around Clay County. I was approached by one of the Board of Alderman members of Smithville, Brian Fullmer. Mr. Fullmer and I talked about the insanity that has been perpetrated upon us by the administration in Washington. Ladies and gentleman I run into this a lot. If you know someone who is not getting involved tell them that they have no excuse to not be. If we want this country to get back on its feet and start heading in the right direction then we have to get more active and more involved! As Republicans, Conservatives, and moderates we must take this country back from the extreme left that is currently in office and in control of our House and Senate.


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