So Much For Protecting Your Private Insurance

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Barack Obama, National Health Care
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I wanted to take a minute and mention an article I was forwarded today from Investors Business Daily, “It’s Not an Option“. For weeks now we have heard the liberals and Obama state that under his healthcare plan your private plan would be protected. Well, I hope your setting down because Obama and the Democrats have lied to you, yet again. Shocked I am sure!

The 1018 page bill which the socialist democrat party has put before Congress contains a provision on page 16 that would make PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE ILLEGAL AFTER THE PASSAGE OF THE BILL. In other words your plan is protected but once you go and change jobs, lose your job, etc. you have to go on the government plan. Do you see how you are lied to? Do you see it yet? Do you get it? ONCE PASSED, AT SOME POINT, YOUR ONLY OPTION FOR HEALTHCARE WILL BE THE GOVERNMENT PLAN?

These fools on the extreme left (Disclaimer! Not all Democrats are included in this statement) want to completely control your life. If enacted this bill will invariably cause the destruction of the private healthcare industry. Most Democrats don’t understand the interplay between the private capitlistic side of America and the socialist nanny state that they are willingly voting for. It’s okay, I am sorry your social studies teachers did not teach you the reality of the world.

The public option could very well be cheaper at first because the government doesn’t compete, it cheats! Once the government has moved enough people to the private option the weight becomes to much for private industry and it will give way. It is at this point the pendulum starts to swing the other way. There is no cost controls in a bureaucratic system, it is full of waste! Ever worked for a big company? While a few care about quality, the general bulk of people don’t give a damn. To control costs in a socialized system services must be controlled and grandma and grandpa are just too expensive. Don’t like the quality of coverage, who you gonna turn to? The Senator and Congressman that voted for this. They don’t care they have great coverage, and it’s not the same as yours!

Let’s not forget about the unemployment from the healthcare industry. Well, who cares about those jobs lost in the healthcare industry, their evil and rich! Right? At some point the rich in this country are not going to be rich anymore and all you fools that think you pay the taxes in this country will be in real trouble. The rich pay taxes now you don’t! Don’t believe do some research of your own into the IRS statistics. The top 50% pay 97% of all taxes in this country! We don’t have the money to pay for the spending on this and all the other massive spending bills rammed down our throats. This country will be economically ruined and the outcome of that will be you don’t get to set around and watch the destruction of women and family values on MTV and VH1 anymore. The best part it will be your own fault and you won’t have anyone else to blame.

If you believe in this crap you need to read the first two parts of my Myths of Healthcare Series (pt. 1 and pt 2.). If you don’t you need to pick up your phone and call your US Congressman/woman and you need to call your US Senator immediately. I don’t think people understand the severity of what could happen in this country. The rich aren’t just going to take it lying down and the rest of us that don’t believe in your socialist utopia are going to have a big problem with what you have done.

  1. Bryan says:

    The people writing this legislation don’t believe the insurance companies should be making a profit, so don’t believe them when they tell you that The Public Option will force private insurance companies to compete… by design it will destroy them. Only the super rich will have access to private insurance and quality health care.

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