This is an article discussing Representative Bob Nance’s recent attempt to raise the minimum monthly amount of food stamps provided to eligible seniors from $14 to $30. His proposal was tacked onto a healthcare bill. This was killed as a byproduct of the defeat of the healthcare bill.

With so much discussion on healthcare it is good to know that Congressman Graves is going to stand up against the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act (Isn’t that such a nice name?).

I would be remiss if I did not mention the lovely Sen. Claire McCaskill and the outstanding performance of her staff on Friday’s protests at her office. This woman is like Robert Gibbs, can’t stand her, but she is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh…if you haven’t heard about this, her staffers weren’t very nice!

  1. Jackie Durkee says:

    At, I’m writing a series of articles outlining what the the actual House bill (h.r.3200) says.
    So far, I’m at Subtitle 2 of Title II of Division A. Tomorrow will be Subtitle 3.
    Join the Journey!

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