Below is the July 23rd copy of Bob Nance’s e-newsletter. This edition takes a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly at Jeff. City. It appears that our Governor enjoys the use of his veto power and the state budget is not the best.

July 23, 2009

“It is difficult to make our material condition better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin it by bad laws.”
Theodore Roosevelt


The Good

Many good things happened for us on constituent concerns this year. HB 395 which I sponsored, relating to nursing home safety and residents rights as well as transition money for certain residents to move back into their community was passed and signed into law on July 10th.

Other bills signed into law:

  • With the help from the minority party, HB 132 passed that allows the Department of Public Safety to re-write rules on certain employees being able to sell alcohol.
  • An amendment that contained my original bill was added to HB 683 which prevents cities from collecting more than 35% of their General Revenue from State highways. This should reduce generating revenue through “speed traps”.
  • HB 62 The jobs bill was signed into law with the objective to bring jobs to Missouri through incentives for small businesses.

The Bad

The governor vetoed 23 bills. I believe less than four were vetoed the previous four years. Many of the bills vetoed passed by wide margins with bi-partisan support, so it is unclear if they will be brought up in the September Session. Most of those bills had 2/3 majority in passing. Of note, HB 544, was an important public funds accountability measure. The rational given for the veto was  it contained a provision which would have issued keys to tour the Capitol Dome to every legislator. Every legislator has access to the dome now.

SB 37, also vetoed, was a measure designed to ease pressure on the overworked public defender system.

All of the governor’s actions may be viewed at

The Ugly

The state budget is still in a very delicate situation. We are in much better condition than most other states, but we continue to have concerns with revenues down this year.

In the District

Congratulations to 4-H members and others on a great Ray County Fair. Whether it was the Ham Breakfast, Dog Show or the Farmers Appreciation Dinner and Livestock Sale, the events had great participants and were well attended. Additionally, the Lawson Picnic was better than ever with events too numerous to mention. The Lawson Alumni Golf Tournament which supports scholarships for current students and special funding for non-budget items was a success again this year.

Gregg Williams Tiger Golf Classic and related events were held earlier this month to raise money for Excelsior Springs Schools and worthy community organizations and events that benefit local kids.

On July 14th, I shared the legislative session highlights with the Methodist Church members in Excelsior Springs. On July 21st, I spoke at the monthly Family and Community Education meeting in Richmond.

Teresa, Mitch and Rachel Herndon received a tour of the Capitol while vacationing in Jefferson City this week. (Picture above) We toured the Senate, House, and the Whispering Chambers.

In your service

Bob Nance


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