Clay County Assessors Office Squanders Nearly 3/4 of a Million Dollars

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Clay County Politicians in the News
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One of the main reasons I created this blog was to keep track of our elected officials. I heard from a source the other day that I might want to check into a sexual harassment lawsuit that had been levied against Cathy Rinehart and the Clay County Assessors office. Glad I did, this makes me just a little bit angry and it should you too!

Ms. Rinehart’s office has been hit with a string of lawsuits, four of which have been settled. I have only been able to find details of three of them. The first is to the tune of $90,000 that was awarded to Ms. Debbie Burr of Kansas City, MO. Ms. Burr maintained that the assessors office was a hostile work environment all the way back in 2003-2004! The second is to the tune of $208,000 awarded to Ms. Michele Stryker. Ms. Stryker alleged that Steve Sutterfield, then an employee of the assessors office, made sexually suggestive and offensive comments in front of her and other female employees. The suit further alleges gender discrimination in their compensation. The third suit to the tune of $450,000 involves Ms. Deanne L. Cluckey who accused the same Steve Sutterfield of sexually suggestive and offensive remarks. According to an article in the July 21st edition of the falling Star this suit goes further and states, the comments were reported to Ms. Rinehart, reports were filed, and Sutterfield was not disciplined in any manner. I am unable to find details of the fourth case as reported here on this Illinois Sexual Harrassment Attorney’s Blog.

Okay, I am sorry, but what in the heck is Ms. Rinehart doing in her office? This is an egregious error by an ELECTED OFFICIAL! I worked in lower level managment for a Fortune 500 company for about 4 and a half years and deplored behavior by males like Mr. Sutterfield. If something ever happened under me I would have personally saw fit to have gotten rid of the clown ASAP. Ms. Rinehart on the other hand failed her duties as an elected official and her role as a leader to protect the employees that work underneath her. Ms. Rinehart owes me and every other tax paying citizen of this county an explanation. Frankly, I think she might even consider resigning.

Furthermore, the press has once again ignored its responsibilities to report stuff like this. I found four articles in the archives of the KC Star and one available online which is sourced above. It’s nice that they took the time to mention it, but this is something that should be more than mentioned. This is a county of 211,000 people who just spent nearly $750,000 to pay for our assessors incompetence. In their defence I suppose there is only so much room for other stories when you have to report and promote Obama’s agenda. Searches on the website of the Liberty Tribune and Kearney Courier returned nothing at all for this article! I guess that’s why I am here reporting on issues that matter to Clay County citizens. Maybe I ought to start asking for donations to this blog?

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    • Jon Q Taxpayer says:

      Talk to Mr porter about taxpayers waste. Mr Porter investigate concerning ethicsw and conduct concerning his vote on occupancy when he served as comissioner. He’s a developer. Conflict of interest if you ask me. Saved him alot of tax dollars. What about the golf club in Smithville? You might want to investigate the bidding process for the lumber that was used for that golf club. (Porter lumber?) That cost the taxpayers a pretty penny. Not worth the money that it cost the taxpayers to build it. Who’s pocket got lined on that one?

      • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

        Thanks for the comment Jon (clever name too!). I don’t know of any law suits involving over a million dollars levied against the county from Mr. Porter’s actions in regards to a golf course. Nice attempt to try and deflect the issue. I suppose you are happy with what has happened in Ms. Rineharts office? A pretty penny, that’s a specific amount right? For the record Ms. Rinehart has been given the ability to respond to my blog, she has contacted me, we will sit down and discuss. I will post in regards to that when it happens. Glad you read my post! Hope you check back in more often.

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