CORRECTION: Clay County Assessor Rinehart squanders a million dollars, not $748,000

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Clay County Politicians in the News
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ClayCoMOPolitics recieved an email the other night from Craig Porter. Mr. Porter served as Clay County Eastern Commissioner while the lawsuits against Cathy Rinehart and the Assessors office were taking place. If you would like to know more about what I am talking about please check out the initial post on this topic. Mr. Porter contacted me because he was a little frustrated with the media and their inability to address this situation sooner. Mr. Porter shared with me that he has made attempts to put this out in the public record but no one has listened to him. I can’t say that I am shocked at that.

Mr. Porter wanted some things put out there for the record. First, and most importantly, the county has spent $300,000 in legal fees. So, we can put the grand total so far that Ms. Rinehart has cost the tax payers of Clay County at $1,048,000. Does anyone else have blood shooting out of their eye balls yet? It would take my wife and I over 16 years just to gross that amount of money!

Second, Ms. Rinehart, as an elected official, has the soleauthority to hire or fire the employees that work for her. No one else in the county government has the ability to hire or fire Assessor office employees. In other words, this is her burden to take ownership of, she can’t blame someone else. To make it worse Mr. Sutterfield actually resigned months after the accusations were made and was never terminated by Ms. Rinehart. The employees who were making the accusations were moved to jobs were they did not have to see Mr. Sutterfield on a daily basis.

Third, these lawsuits all happened before the 2004 elections. This should have been in the press as early as then. Which means the media failed to be our watchdogs yet again. The press is out to lunch in America and it’s time that it stops! You want us to subscribe, do your jobs! In fairness, I did receive a response from the Liberty Tribune this morning and it appears that this will make the paper on Thursday 8/6/2009. Better late than never.

Fourth, Ms. Rinehart actually had the nerve to ask that these issues be kept from the press. Furthermore, she complained about having to attend mandatory training for employment law. The reason she had to attend these workshops is because the county insurance company wanted her to as a result of the lawsuits!

Fifth, we are not done forking out money for this! The fourth lawsuit is not finalized as of yet.

I learned this morning that Ms. Rinehart has declared her interest in running for state Senate. Seriously, that’s not a joke. This woman has cost the taxpayers of Clay County over a million dollars and failed in her duty to report this to us the tax payer. She thinks that she is well qualified to run for state Senate!? Maybe rational thought is dead.

Ms. Rinehart I reiterate the fact that you should resign from your position. You cannot be trusted as a steward of my money.

  1. Karen Howard says:

    I represented the Clay County employees in these lawsuits and I represent the fourth case to go to trial – which contrary to the county’s position has substantial merit. Why doesn’t the media and press talk to me as the Clay County employees’ attorneys to find out what the real evidence is instead of resorting to printing what Mr. Porter has to say – which by the way, Mr. Porter was an elected official during the time the lawsuits were going on and he did not do anything to get the lawsuits resolved. Had the commissioners attempted to resolve the lawsuits years ago, there would not have been so much money incurred by the county for attorneys fees. Someone needs to ask why the commissioners and the Clay county counselor kept the lawsuits going on and how much money did the county pay their own county attorney’s law firm, not to mention the county’s outside attorneys who represent the insurance company. Where is the real accountability? If the fourth lawsuit actually goes to trial and the county loses, this could cost the the county more than $500,000.00. The county needs to be held accountable to the taxpayers for continuing to expend taxpayer monies. I also am a clay county resident and taxpayer.

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