I am not part of the MOB!

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Barack Obama, National Health Care
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Have you seen the new video ad put out by the DNC, “Enough of the Mob?” You really ought to watch it, it is quite entertaining.

You see apparently I am a right wing extremist. Let me tell you a little bit about my right wing extremism. About 6 years ago I went back to college to finish my BA, in political science. I listened to my left-wing instructors, I even enjoyed hearing their difference of opinion. It made me better, and made me understand my own political views a lot better. I now am working on my Master degree to teach middle school social studies. My wife and I truly are in the middle class. We work hard for a living. We read, we research, we think, we want to do things on our own!  I know pretty radical.

The really pesky thing for a lot of Democrats in power right now is they hate the fact that they can’t control us. There is no rational basis for a healthcare public option. This is not about helping people, this is not about making America better. This is about creating more dependency on an already broken system. It’s about promising things to those that don’t think on their own. The reason many of us “extremists” are so mad is because we want nothing to do with your solution. No matter how long you yell and scream at reality you cannot change the fact that it won’t work. 

I didn’t vote for Bush either time, but it wasn’t just Bush’s economic policies of the last eight years that have put this country where it is. We have been trying progressive/socialist ideas in this country for nearly 100 years and you haven’t solved a problem yet. Quit thinking so short term and see the bigger picture.

Look at the history of the Democrat party in this last century. In the 1930s we had Roosevelt. A UCLA study published some years back proved statistically that his economic policies actually prolonged the depression. Social security is a ponzi scheme that will be broke in 10 years. Who created that, Roosevelt? Medicare another failed social experiment that will be broke in 10 years. Who signed that in to law? President Johnson in 1965. Do I really need to bring up Jimmy Carter? Clinton you say did well! Yeah right, let’s not forget that he had a conservative Congress telling him no starting in 1994. The track record of social experimentation that you have levied on this great nation is exactly what is destroying it.

Yes, Bush didn’t do his job well and neither did the Republican party over the last eight years. The reason being is that Bush didn’t stand up for fiscally disciplined conservatism. Guess what though? The Democrats had a majority in Congress the last two years and I know they voted for some of the same things the Republicans did. I am working to develop a new Republican part that is truly conservative and it would be nice for the minority of Democrats that know this crap isn’t working to stand up and say no as well.

For conservatives the choices set before us are very simple. We can put a nail in the coffin being set aside for this great country by the left, or, we can finally put a nail in the coffin of democratic liberalism/socialism that these clowns in power believe in.

The real goal here is socialized medicine, there is even a part of your party that has admitted it. What is so disgusting is that you consistently lie about this fact. When people don’t buy the lies then it is time to use emotional words that confuse those that rarely stay in tuned to the political debate. Those same people that you would like to just take your hand out and vote for you.

The DNC shows things in this video that are not factually representative of the conservative/constitutionalist movement in this country. For instance, a lot of time is spent on a “birther” standing up like an idiot and screaming at a town hall about Obama not a natural born citizen. This does not represent everyone on the right, many prominent voices have denounced the “birther” movement. 

The DNC claims that the anger at the town halls is manufactured by the party. This is abundantly absurd and patronizing in the worst way. I don’t take orders from the Republican party. I am just pissed off! I can assure you the time and energy that I have put into this blog has not paid a dime. The anger that I feel is real and beleive me it takes everything in me to keep it respectful. Keep it up Democrats you will completely divide this country and you will have no one to blame but yourself. 

I will not give in! I will continue to fight back! Won’t you please join me? I am not part of the MOB!


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