Rep. Nance’s E-Newsletter 8/4/09

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Representative Bob Nance
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Below is the August 4th edition of Bob Nance’s e-newsletter. Rep. Nance talks about Missouri Veterans and the importance of their stories. I couldn’t agree more, I had a grandfather that served in WWII and that is one thing I wish he had shared with me before he passed on. Many in my age bracket 20-30 know little of their sacrifice and I am excited to see that this issue is being addressed. Great resource for any educators in the state as well! Read on to find out more.

Honoring Our Veterans

Ray and Clay Counties have many military veterans. While that means that we have some of our nation’s greatest heroes living right here in our own backyard, it also means we have a great resource available. A resource of history that our citizens, especially our young people need to hear but sadly all too often goes untold until it is too late and the stories are gone forever. I just recently read stories about Vernon King and F.G Weary.

Our veterans have stories that no history book or film will ever be able to record. Those stories need to be shared.  Many of our students have no idea what sacrifices have been given for them. Whether it was World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War or the Iraq War, these stories should be told.

Our schools do invite these men and women to come into the classrooms and share what they have experienced. I know many veterans are humble and/or have a difficult time telling the experiences they have encountered during their time defending our nation, but if they can, it enriches all of us. They are our living history and if they don’t share their story, it will be lost forever.

I also want to make you aware of a wonderful website that the Missouri Legislature has funded which contains many of these stories. The website address is Here you can view and listen to stories from some of our heroes and there is also a place where veterans can contact them to share their stories to be documented and saved for future generations.

In the District

The Lawson CIA ( C-2000) held their monthly meeting on Monday to prepare for the coming school year.

I am in the process of taking State Booklets to schools for 4th graders. In the past, students received packets. With the book form, all the information is better organized.

The Optimist Club participated in a special carnival for Camp Quality in Excelsior Springs on Monday (I was working with the “rubber chicken toss”.)

In your service

Bob Nance


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