Claire McCaskill’s Town Hall/Forum/Question and Non-Answer Session 8/10/09

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Senator Claire McCaskill
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My wife and I headed down to the Blue Springs South Library last night. This event was originally billed as a meeting with the staff of Ms. McCaskill. Not quite sure what that meant, and it was quite apparent that Ms. McCaskill’s staff was unprepared for the crowd that attended. A question occurred to me while I was there and that was; is Ms. McCaskill this out of touch with the current situation in this country? There were easily 150+ there last night and the majority of them were pretty pissed off. This seemed like a surprise to the four staffers that were there.

A lot of the people in attendance were also like myself. An average American who is sick and tired of the spending, sick and tired of the irresponsibility, and sick and tired of being lied to. Was everyone respectful? No. Did some people yell out at times that they probably shouldn’t? Yes. Did they have good reason to do itr? Definitely! The elected elite like McCaskill have not listened to America. America wanted Change in November, change from irresponsibility in Washington, change from excessive and wasteful spending. Instead we got a double dip of just those very things.  

The disorganization upon arrival seemed fitting. It was kind of like the incompetence in our government. The most disappointing thing last night was the few occasions where Ms. McCaskill’s staff literally said “I don’t know” in response to questions that they should have had answers too. Someone needs to inform Ms. McCaskill’s staff especially considering that we pay them to be there, we are not quite getting our money worth. What else is new?

I can’t believe that I am about to say this, but I must address something that irritates among some of the people on the right. Some of us are so mad that we are not listening when we should. You can still be mad but you can also think logically. I don’t know how many times last night people shouted out that Ms. McCaskill was a coward and that she didn’t want to speak to us. Look, I can’t stand Ms. McCaskill and I have been on the record as calling her Mr. Obama’s lap dog, because, frankly she has been at times. Yesterday she was down in southern Missouri doing town halls and her staff stated it twice last night. LISTEN and KNOW YOUR FACTS. Otherwise you give the liberal left fodder to lob at you. You do look like an angry mob! Sorry.

One thing worth mentioning. Ms. McCaskill and her staff do notunderstand the concept of capitalism and competition. The free market cannot compete with the federal government. The government can and will change the rules at any time, that’s not a free market. It’s especially not free if you tax the private sector to help pay for the plan. This concept of wanting a public “option” is a bunch of crap, we know it, and I think they know it too. The former Sen. Obama has been on record as saying that the end goal is a single payer system. His attitude didn’t suddenly change when he became President, and he definitely is no poster child for honesty. A person that can turn his womanizing scumbag father into a hero and lie about his birth is capable of lieing about anything! It cuts into the core of who he is. Associations matter and Ms. McCaskill is quite fond of Mr. Obama. If you can’t see who Obama is than there is little Hope for you.

Ms. McCaskill and her liberal educator friends need to understand some things. A public healthcare plan is NON-NEGOTIABLE! We are not going to pay for health insurance for undocument migrants! We are not going to pay for insurance for those that simply refuse to get it when they can afford it! We are not going to pay for others just so they can go to the doctor. You better start listening to what we are telling you! The reason there is no dialogue is because you can’t have one on an issue that people won’t budge on, that’s not stubborness, that’s our choice, listen to it!

  1. Excellent article. I’m writing this on Tues. the 11. Claire held somekind of town hall today , and from what I understand, it was also soewhat raucaus. You’re dead right. I think McCaskill and her people are out of touch, but it seems they may be getting an inkling of an idea. Yesterday she denounced the six jets thtat the Pentagon said they did’nt need and today she said she would vote agaibst any publically supported provision for abortion in the proposed heaklth care plan. i sent her an e-mail last night and pretty much told her what you said in the post. Keep up the fight, we’re going to win this one!

  2. DrD says:

    I love the article accept one thing. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as “on the right” or “on the left”. The new and better debate in America is bigger or smaller government period. Services should not be offered at the point of a gun.

  3. ClayCoMOPolitics says:

    From a political science point of view you are never going to avoid the political spectrum and if you are for larger government and a nanny state you are on the left. If you are for more personal responsibility and smaller government you are on the right. The important thing I think to understand is that left and right doesn’t match up to Democrat or Republican. Both parties have kind of lost their way. I get what you are saying though, your point is noted.

  4. DrD says:

    Kind of???

    From where I sit they both are far left. One wants to increase government to protect us from the boggy man, the other wants to increase government to provide our every need.

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