Good old Sen. McCaskill sure has changed lately. She is looking less and less like Obama’s little lap dog and more and more like a centrist Senator from Missouri. For the record, it’s not fooling me, I don’t buy it.

McCaskill has been working hard on Twitter (@clairecmc) trying to tell us that she thinks the left is a little out of line for insulting the protesters of health care. For that I want to thank her. Words do have meaning, and her at least saying this is a step in the right direction. She appeared on The O’Reilly Factor continuing her promotion that we aren’t all bad. O’reilly asked her what does she think is driving the opposition to health care. Her response was that there is cynicism about Washington. Yep, that’s for sure, and people have every reason to be cynical about your actions. She said that there have been some big bold things done in Washington. No, sorry, there have been some incredibly stupid things done in Washington and I fear the spending is going to come and bite us in the butt at some point.  

Now Claire did say that she thinks that we need to be more polite and that she doesn’t think rude is particularly persuasive. Hmmm… I guess it depends how you define rude. One way is that rude means to be discourteous or impolite. Kind of like spending my money and my unborn children’s money on other peoples failures. You mean that kind of rude? Or, how about roughly wrought, built, or formed; of a crude construction or kind. Kind of like these rude massive bills the politicians in Washington have been cramming down our throats because you “know” what is best for us. You know two wrongs don’t make a right, but your behavior with your votes has been a little bit rude and frankly many Americans are sick and tired of it. That’s why they are yelling at you.

The rest of the interview was interesting McCaskill further said last night that both sides organize and it is perfectly acceptable. She claims the people in the middle don’t. No, let’s be honest here, the left is always the one organizing and protesting. Heck they have been doing it since the 1960s. It’s rare to see an average retired American or a 27 year old future educator out protesting in the streets. I don’t have time for this, but I do it. 

Claire claims she has read the 615 page Senate bill. Now I haven’t even seen this bill. 615 pages as O’Reilly said is still way too much and far too complicated for the folks to understand. Exactly! More bureaucracy equals more waste, at what point do you figure this out.

True to form Claire had to make a statement that makes no sense. She said that she doesn’t think that any of these bills don’t translate into a big government intrusion! Would you believe that I just saw a flying monkey outside my window? No, and no matter how much you say it, this will be a gigantic government intrusion into our lives! She continued and tried the Medicare argument. She says that no one wants off of Medicare. Maybe many of the seniors don’t but I do. I want my payroll taxes back and I want government to quit sticking it to our doctors. These are noble people who have worked their butt off to get where they are. People always talk about the costs of insurance and health care. You know one of the number one things driving health care costs? It’s Medicare! Why? Because it’s simple economics. Medicare tells your doctor what they are going to pay, not what the doctor’s actually needs to run his business. This is never enough and to recoup their costs doctors charge your insurance company more for your visit. Medicare is a joke, it’s going broke, and Claire I will be happy to stand up at one of your town halls and tell you to get me the hell off out Medicare! The reason so many people like Medicare is because they don’t experience the true costs. Some of them have no other choice. It’s an immoral socialized health care system that was never intended to have the weight it has on it!

I can’t figure out Sen. McCaskill, as I said at the beginning I don’t buy her change. I think it is politically expedient for her right now. Besides, she has tweeted on multiple occasions that she supports a public option. A public option won’t work. The private sector cannot compete with the entity that steals money from it to pay for the public option. It will create more massive weight on an already semi-socialized health care system. The bottom line is Sen. McCaskill and many that support the President’s health care plan won’t reform a darn thing. Change in the direction that is necessary to fix our problems is being completely ignored by the leadership in both the House and the Senate. They don’t understand the average American and this is why many American’s are yelling at Sen. McCaskill at her town halls.


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