Hey now…animals need rights too but don’t think that money is yours

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Barack Obama
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I have written about Arne Duncan the Gun Banning Secretary of Education and have taken a humorous look at a not very funny situation in Here a Czar, there a Czar, every where a czar czar. The thing that makes Obama such a threat to America isn’t just the fact that he is an extreme leftist, it’s the fact that he surrounds himself with absolutely crazy people. By the way these crazy people make decisions that directly impact your life.

The next one I want you to be aware of is Obama’s new regulatory czar Cass Sunstein. As usual my NRA membership came through for me and provided me with some outstanding information on this clown. Please read the article here if you want.

If you don’t want to read the whole thing let me sum this up. First and foremost this guy makes PETA look like meat lovers. He actually believes: livestock and wild animals should have legal rights, hunting should be eliminated, meat eating should be eliminated, and current uses of animals are akin to human slavery. When was the last time you carried on a rational two way conversation with a cow? This man believes that there is a moral equivalency between the supreme mind of a human being and an animal.

It gets even better. Not only are animals equals to humans but that wealth of yours, it’s not really private property. From a 1999 Chicago Op-Ed “In what sense is the money in our pockets and bank accounts fully ours…Without taxes few of us would have any assets worth defending…There is no liberty without dependency.”

Had enough yet? There is more from his 2004 book The Second Bill of Rights. The second bill of rights guarantees every American a job, health care, and the right to earn enough to provide adequate recreation.

Sunstein is the regulatory czar, imagine what he can affect?

No rational person can come to these conclusions. This is what our apathy and our laziness has done to us. America be forewarned this President is the most dangerous person to ever be elected to a public office. It is up to us to fight him every step of the way and make sure that he is deposed in 2012. No more time for laziness and apathy. Get informed and speak boldly.


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