OK, so….State Rep. Ryan Silvey doesn’t need to go

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Representative Ryan Silvey
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For those that follow my blog you would know that I was a bit tough on Representative Silvey a few months ago in regards to health care. Okay, in fairness, maybe a lot tough considering the blog post was that Ryan Silvey needs to go in 2010. So needless to say, I was a little surprised when I got an email from Rep. Silvey wanting to get together for coffee back on August 3rd. I have waited to report on this because there have been so many other pertinent issues to address.

If you go back and look at the June 16th piece the issue at hand was the money that was being offered to the state by the Missouri Hospitals Association (MHA) for Nixon’s expansion of Medicaid. I had stated that this money was probably coming from dues money collected by the MHA. I didn’t fact check this and ended up being incorrect. The money was going to come from two sources, both Federal. These two sources are FRA (Federal Reimbursment Allowance) and DSH (Disproportionate Share Hospital). The main bulk of the funding was going to come from DSH, roughly around $50 million dollars. The idea was that the MSA would kick a portion of the DSH money back to the state to cover the Nixon expansion in Medicaid.

I talked to Rep. Silvey yesterday by phone and he told me that the expansion was only going to cover adults that had children who were already on SCHIP. These parents also had to make $10,000 dollars or less a year. This expansion would have resulted in an additional 35,000 on the Medicaid roles. He told me that the principle is to keep these patients out of the ER. This is an ugly reality of our system, people just go to the ER if they don’t have health coverage and this costs us all money. The money is already being ripped out of your paycheck by the Feds in the FRA & DSH program so why not go ahead and try to do something productive with it. The most important thing about this plan is that it would have kept the state budget revenue neutral. While I hate the concept of state run medicine, this solution actually makes some sense for the interim.

This whole issue  proves to me more than ever we need to start standing up to the Federal government more in this country and that starts with putting representatives in at the Federal level that quit trying to solve all of our problems. At some point we have got to move from this nanny state model into a model that promotes individual responsibility. Health care is a responsibility, not a right!

Rep. Silvey and I also talked about the Federal Cap and Trade bill that barely passed the US House (HR-2454). Did you know that KCP&L does not support Cap and Trade? Did you also know that KCP&L has told Rep. Silvey that electric rates will increase over the next several years? This increase could be as much as 30%-50% over the next 7-9 years. Call McCaskill’s office and tell her that you want nothing to do with Crap and Tax because we can’t afford it!

Rep. Silvey also spent some time explaining the budgeting process to me. If law making is like sausage making than the budgeting process is about as pretty as the slaughter. Not fun to watch, but without it no sausage. I am not impressed with the utilization of stimulus funds this year, we have been patching holes in the budget where general revenue is supposed to prevail. So much for those “shovel ready” projects King Obama was talking about. It was Rep. Silvey’s position that we should only be spending stimulus monies on one time projects and letting general revenue prevail.

I appreciate Mr. Silvey’s willingness to go on the record with me.


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