An update on the Cathy Rinehart lawsuits

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Clay County Politicians in the News
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It’s been over a month since I first published the original piece on the sexual harassment lawsuits that had been filed against the Clay County Assessor’s office. I thought I would take a minute here and update what has happened since then.

The old saying goes in comedy that true stories are always the funniest. I probably had close to 200 hits on those two articles the week or two after I published them and I received two comments. One comment was from an anonymous source who cleverly disguised his/her identity as Jon Q. Taxpayer. Did this person address the issue I had brought up? No. Instead, politics as usual in America, he/she tried to attack Mr. Porter claiming unethical practices having to do with the building of the Smithville golf course. I don’t even know how long that golf course has been there, but it sure isn’t new. I found the response quite childish and on par with something a high school student might come up with. To my knowledge there was no lawsuit ever filed against Mr. Porter in reference to the golf club. Can we please stay on topic here?

Next, on the second piece, I receive a comment from Ms. Karen Howard. Now Ms. Howard claims to have represented the Clay County employees in the fourth case, which hasn’t even been settled yet. Now, I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that this was a bit, odd. She claims that she doesn’t understand why the media won’t talk to her. Ms. Howard we can talk to one another, but that requires you to ACTUALLY RESPOND TO THE EMAIL I SENT YOU! You said you want the truth out there.

Secondly, maybe it’s just me, but should she really be commenting in the manner that she did. She went as far to blame the Clay County Commissioners for not settling the lawsuits sooner. She called out Mr. Porter specifically. Ummm…. There were three Clay County Commissioners at the time, two of which were Democrats. Mr. Porter has told me that he would have voted for a financially feasible settlement package had it been presented, it wasn’t, so what the heck are you talking about lady? You know, I’d bet a fair amount of money that Ms. Howard is a Democrat.

I figured it was fair for me to alert Ms. Rinehart to my blog posts addressing the situation so I sent an email directly to the assessor’s office. I must admit I was a little surprised that I actually received a response, though minute. She claims that I may have a different opinion after I sit down with her. I fully admit there is a chance. I was told this will have to wait until after the fourth lawsuit is settled.

  1. Barbara Tyler says:

    I believe the 4th lawsuit by Melissa Richardson has been settled. There may be another one filed soon. I am a former employee and not a disgruntled employee; can’t believe I lasted

  2. Barbara Tyler says:

    Sorry, hit a wrong key. I worked in the Assessor’s office from 1996 until I retired in 2009. I was very lucky to make it to retirement. There is more going on in that office still.

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