October Platte County Pachy’s Meeting: “How Can Republicans Regain Minority Voters”

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Pachyderm Clubs, Platte County MO Pachyderms
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I received this information from Lee Valentine of the Platte County Pachys. This is about their October meeting and I think it will be an interesting event. This in an issue that is very pertinent right now in American politics. Republicans are consistently labeled as racists. Events in the last week prove this. Former President Jimmy Carter said just lask week that a majority of the opposition to President Obama is because he is a black man. You and I know that this is not true but the fact remains that the Democrats continue to receive a large amount of the minority vote. (You and I also know that Jimmy Carter is an ignorant old moron that could easily be one of the worst Presidents this country has ever seen. That’s beside the point.)

I think this is something that can change in the next couple of elections. Frankly, it is something that HAS to change. This country cannot take much more of the government poverty complex and it’s friends on the hard left of the political spectrum. I am specifically talking about people like Emanuel Cleaver and the clowns that support ACORN.

This is one of the most powerful and truly unique programs our Platte County Pachyderm Club has ever offered! It is a political topic to grab your attention: “How Can Republicans Regain Minority Voters”.  Most American’s are aware that the Republican Party lost minority voters to the Democratic Party. Finally, the October 1st Pachyderm Forum brings an expert about how the GOP can once again attract the minority vote.  It bears a racial component in the Election cycle 2008, where large majorities of black and latino voters broke for Democrat candidates.   
The presenter at the October 1st Platte County Pachyderm Club is Mrs. Beverly Randles. She is a professional business woman, she is a graduate of Missouri University Law school, an attorney, and African-American. Mrs. Randles brings insights from personal experience and corporate America.  
Her specific focus on minority voting patterns should set off alarm bells ringing inside GOP leadership. Her current, researched assessment about future traction for Republican candidates should evoke heavy hitting reporting.  You are invited for an opportunity to meet her and dig deeper into her implications about national politics. 
Lee Valentine

Public Relations Chair-Platte County Pachyderms

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