Fundraising for Icet for Auditor 2010

Posted: September 30, 2009 in 2010 Elections, Missouri State Auditor Race
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I received this yesterday from the Icet campaign. I want nothing to do with Tom Schweich as a Republican candidate for MO Auditor. It’s bad enough we have one moderate that we are probably going to be stuck with in Roy Blunt for Senate. If you can, consider donating to the Icet campaign.

Allen Icet’s campaign for State Auditor 2010 is running full speed ahead and he needs our help before the close of the day tomorrow (Sept. 30).  His opponent will be checking the third quarter contribution report and I cannot overemphasize how important it is that Allen’s reports show wide support.  If you can make a donation of any size, please do so today or tomorrow via his website at
We have a tremendous opportunity before us to put a true conservative in the Missouri Auditor’s office.  Allen’s primary opponent is well-funded…we must overcome the temptation to sit this out!!  With Republicans holding only one state-wide office, what a safeguard it would be to have a trusted, fiscal conservative auditing the State!  And don’t forget…no one knows Missouri’s financial picture better than the current House Budget Chair!  Go Allen!!
No need to reply to me…just give if you can and a BIG thanks!!
Susan Phillips


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