Clay County Law Enforcement Sales Tax Renewal

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Local Elections
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I find myself in an odd place with this issue, but I believe after you read this post you will understand why. I am a fiscal conservative, frankly I border on being a libertarian with some issues. Whether we like it or now there are certain things that a society must take care of and the best way to do so is to fund it through taxes. One of these such things is law enforcement and jails.

The money generated by this 1/8th of 1 percent sales tax goes directly to fund many of the programs and responsibilities of the Clay County Sherrifs Department. Specifically the Law Enforcement Sales tax produces approximately $3 to $3.5 million in revenue each year.  This helps pay for part of the annual operating costs of the Sheriffs Dept. & the Clay Co. Jail. The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for dispatching for many of the cities in the county and a reduction in funding could affect this service as well.

As conservatives we often times get caught up in making sure that we do our best to keep government as lean as possible. A vote against the sales tax renewal would not be leaning, it would be cutting into the bone. I worry that some in this county might get caught up in the momentum right now against government spending and ignorantly oversee the importance of this tax. Our Sheriffs Department and our county jail is not the place to be getting back at irresponsible government spending.

Furthermore we have one of the lowest sales taxes in the great state of Missouri. We have the lowest in the KC metro and the second lowest in the entire state. The Clay County assessment is only .00875% and Scott County in South Central Missouri has a .0050% assessment. The amount of money you would save by defeating this measure would be irrelevant in the greater costs you would assess to the county as a whole. It is believed by eliminating this tax the jail might have to close two floors and then the county would pay to house prisoners elsewhere.

Finally, make sure you get out to vote on November 3rd. It’s an off cycle year and people usually forget about these votes, they are just as important and affect you just as much as any other election. Please tell your neighbors and friends if you could. I would like to see a great turnout on November 3rd.

This tax is also endorsed by the Clay County Economic Development Council, the Northland Chamber of Commerce, the city of Gladstone, and KMBC 9. I joing them in saying please vote YES on NOV 3rd on PROP. A


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