Want blood to shoot from your eyes? Read below. This information might surprise you a little. Mr. Bond is as much a problem as Ms. McCaskill.

Here’s a list of the titanic spending bills the Senate has passed or proposed since January. Click on the links to see how your Senators voted.

  • $350 billion Wall Street bailout extension (#5) (Missouri Senators I was shocked at this, McCaskill NAY Bond AYE. This is why I am glad to see Bond go! Bill was defeated.)
  • $787 billion stimulus (#64) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill YEA Bond NAY. Bill was passed.)
  • $400 billion, earmark-infested omnibus spending bill (#96) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill NAY Bond YEA. Bill was passed. Once again hasta Sen. Bond!)
  • $6 billion to federalize charities and pay volunteers (#115) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill YEA Bond YEA. Bill was passed. Look at the Bondster, spending like a drunken sailor! Somebody please explain to me how people who get paid are volunteers?)
  • $109 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund (#201) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill NAY Bond NAY. Bill failed.)
  • $3 billion for cash for clunkers (#270) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill NAY Bond YEA. Bill was passed. Senator Bond what part of being conservative don’t you get? Ms. McCaskill, you know the fan of the public option, is kind of making you look bad here.)
  • $400 million in corporate welfare to help tourism corporations advertise overseas (#272) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill YEA Bond YEA. Bill was passed. Because those companies are completely impossible of figuring out that because they are tourist companies they should advertise where the tourists are. Yeah, it’s just $400 million, but this crap adds up. Plus, it’s not the place of the Federal government to do this! Way to go you two spenders you.)
  • $4 billion bailout of the Postal Service (#300) (Missouri Senators: McCaskill YEA Bond NAY. Bill passed. Really! Couldn’t we just force the post office to close on Saturday, raise postage rates, or here’s a crazy thought, privatize it all together.)

Final tally, this blows my mind! Proof that many of the Republican’s in the Senate are NOT conservatives Bond yea votes 5, McCaskill yea votes 4. Bye, bye, Mr. Bond, we won’t miss you. Ms. McCaskill, up and out in 2012 your services will be no longer needed. A note to Mr. Blunt or Ms. Carnahan or whoever is our new State senator in 2010. We will be coming after you in 2016 if this continues, of course we keep spending like this there won’t be much of a nation left to worry about.

The national debt is $12 trillion.

The unfunded liabilities is nearly $60 trillion.

Money does not grow on trees, quit your spending! You are NOT HELPING us!


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