I love liberal/socialist Democrats sometimes, because in their attempts to prove their point of view they end up looking like bigger idiots in the process. I recently decided to subject myself to intellectual torture. I now watch Olbermann once a week. Not because I expect to learn anything or actually take anything away from his program, but because I want to see the massive lies he perpetuates and know what the other side is saying and doing. Wednesdays program (10/21) was especially informative and demonstrates my initial point. Allow me to explain.

Olbermann starts out the program by stating that the Democrats have finally figured out to how sell the public option to the American people. How might you wonder? They are going to rebrand it as Medicare Part E, Medicare for everyone. Oh Olbermann thought it was so smart because of his special comment episode a week or two prior. If you happened to miss this episode it was an entire hour of Olbermann using his sick father to pimp the public option with lies and statements that attempt to play with moral arguments and pull on peoples heart strings. In this episode he advised the Democrats to call the public option for everyone. It makes one wonder, are the radicals like Pelosi who unveiled this hair brain scheme writing his show or are they actually taking advice from him?

The socialist/liberal Democrats think this is a great idea because everybody is comfortable with Medicare. People know it, people like it, and people are accepting of it.

Are you serious?

Medicare is BROKE! There are currently 73 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities in the system and growing every day. Medicare was never supposed to have cost us as much money as it did. Surprise, surprise! The Federal government failed to do anything about it and it is now broke. I don’t care how you brand it, a majority of America is done with socialized medicine, we want no more! I don’t care how you package it Americans are not going to support this expansion and I don’t care how many surveys with sampling errors you cite on your show, we don’t want it!

I’m 27, I don’t want anything to do with Medicare. I fully understand the consequences of my position. I am sick and tired of the left saying that we are all so happy with it! Doctors are not happy. People are tired of seeing the liabilities increase and nothing being done about it.

Medicare is socialized medicine, it doesn’t work! Medicare is the problem in health care because it is driving up the cost of insurance for everyone else. Medicare doesn’t pay enough to the Doctor for services rendered and they have to make up the shortfall somewhere else. That somewhere else is shoved to your health insurance company. You don’t know this because you think  a doctor’s appointment costs you $20.

Oh, but it gets better. Olbermann and MSNBC are partnering with the National  Association of Free Clinics to put on free health care fairs in major cities in the states of Democrats who don’t support the public option or might be swayed to vote against it because of us pesky Americans that don’t want the thing. They are going to try and guilt these Senators into voting for the public option by using the poor and people who need help. What a demonstration of idiocy and a massive contradiction! They are doing exactly what conservatives think people should do. Help out others without expecting it to be done through the government. Olbermann has garnered $17,000 donors to raise over $1.3 million for the National Association of Free Clinics. This money will be efficiently utilized by people who are not government bureaucrats.

Government is inefficient and is the number one destroyer of jobs in this country. Because of our idiotic tax code, our wasteful spending, and our continual looking to government to solve our problems we have driven jobs overseas, bankrupted our future, endangered a large majority of our seniors, and nearly destroyed the greatest nation-state to exist in human history. I guess if you are good at something stick with it?

I hope people see through this attempt to pull on people’s heart strings with these free health care fairs. I think it’s wonderful that they are trying to help out their fellow man/woman but I think it’s despicable that they are going to use these people like whores to sell their political point of view. Mr. Olbermann thank you for demonstrating exactly what an elitist socialist/liberal Democrat like you is all about. Of course this should shock no one when you consider the CEO of MSNBCs parent company GE, Jeffrey Immelt, is an economic advisor to Obama.

By the way, there are one of these free health care fairs coming to Kansas City on December 9th and 10th. You can hear OlBlabbermouth talk about it here.

This is the 100th post on the blog, thanks to Keith OlBlabbermouth for the inspiration.


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