Platte County Missouri Democrat Central Committee Chair resigns

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Kansas City Political Events
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For anyone that lives in the KC metro I would encourage you to pay attention to this. Wow! Platte County Democrat Central Chair Russ Purvis resigns because the party has left him. The article is linked below from the 10/14 edition (you might have to scroll down a little when you get there), the Platte County landmark is an outstanding local paper! Personally, I think this paper has a future beyond just Platte County news. It’s nice to see some actual balance in a printed newspaper when it comes to political issues. If you live in Platte County and are not a subscriber, why? I take it and I live in Clay County.You can read Russ Purvis’ column in the Platte County Landmark here:

I am not sure but I think the DNC is beginning to fracture from within, not just because of this one example but because of some of the stuff we are seeing on the national scene. The reason the Democrats can’t pass health care isn’t just because of the tea party opposition to it. It’s because the socialist Democrats can’t agree with the moderate Democrats. The Democrats are going to lose more and more rural/suburban people the more that Obama keeps up with his radical agenda.

I sent Mr. Purvis an email recognizing his willingness to stand up for his point of view. Whether you agree with him or not on some of the other issues you have to admire his courage. Could you imagine the emails he was sent for doing this?

  1. Rick Roan says:

    What is the phone number for the Platte County Democratic Central Committee?

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