Notes From Funk’s Front Porch-10/16/2009

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Funk's Front Porch, Mayor Mark Funkhouser
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This is a copy of Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s e-newsletter. Whether you like him or hate him, you have to admit that the Funk has worked hard at communicating with his constituents and has at least tried to do something for the city. Mayor Funkhouser will be in the Northland this Wednesday night at Maple Woods Community College for another of his town halls. I have obligations that night and will not be able to attend.

Notes From Funk’s Front Porch-16 October 2009

Dear Folks,

This Week’s City Business

Thursday evening, the Mayor addressed the Military Order of the World Wars of Greater Kansas City.  The MOWW was founded on January 27, 1919, at a convention of officers who had served in World War I. The organization’s purpose is to lend support in matters pertaining to national security, civic engagement, education, patriotism, and to those serving in a military capacity. The Kansas City Chapter was organized in 1931.  The Mayor spoke to the group about his agenda for the duration of his first term in office.  He highlighted some of his ongoing initiatives such as New Tools, A City that Works, and the replication of the Harlem Children’s Zone.  He also spoke to them about his father’s service in World War II and how he just recently learned that his father served in that war at the tender age of 17.  Last, he addressed his concerns that a large majority of our homeless in Kansas City are veterans of very recent wars.

The Mayor honored WDAF – Fox 4 – for their sixty years of service with a proclamation today.  He told the assembled group that not all media outlets are the same.  He said that print media is very different than broadcast media and that even within the same media group, whether it’s print or broadcast, that each outlet is very different in how it serves its clients.  The Mayor said that WDAF has been an anchor in Kansas City’s media community for years, and that good government relies on quality media, and Fox 4 has fit the bill.

There are many openings on the Mayor’s Boards and Commissions and he is urging citizens who want to serve their city to apply online at:

.  In addition to his boards, the Mayor states that there is another way to serve your city, and that you can do so from directly within the Mayor’s office.  If you would enjoy having direct contact with citizens, the Mayor is seeking constituent service volunteers to answer calls from citizens who are experiencing problems with their city services.  If you would like to be trained to sit on a phone bank, directing citizens to the proper department for help with their needs, please contact the Mayor’s office at 513-3500.

On A More Personal Note

In an effort to compete with other cities, Kansas City is getting ready to establish dog parks in some of our area’s parks.  One of the personal benefits of this new proposal is that Funk and I have been visiting some of the proposed sites.  We had no idea that there were so many beautiful parks in such close proximity to where we live.  The two that we have visited recently are Sunnyside and South Oak parks.  Sunnyside is a 23-acre park that houses three baseball diamonds, a track, a playground and a treed area.  Our son actually plays softball there on occasion and he now has the added bonus of having his parents hone in on his good times at that park.  South Oak park is also an incredibly beautiful park.  On the night we visited, we saw a park full of children playing soccer and playing on the playground equipment.  This park even has a wooded walking trail that leads to wide open fields.  Because of our site visits, Funk and I now have many more places to partake in our daily walks together.

The Next Town Hall Meetings

October 28, 2009 – 6:30 PM
Host: Maple Woods Community College
2601 N. E. Barry Road

November 4, 2009 – 6:30 PM
Host: Platte County Economic Development Council

November 11, 2009 – 6:30 P.M
Host: 100 Black Men of Kansas City
Location to be announced

December 4, 2009 – 6:30 PM
Host: Clay County Economic Development Council

In faith,

Gloria & Mark


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