They say school board politics is the ugliest…

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Clay County Politicians in the News
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It’s an old adage in politics, expect the worst political battles as a member of a school board. Fulfilling that reality is the most recent casualty of the ongoing issues with the Liberty School District. School board member Cindy Dunlap has resigned. According to the Liberty Tribune she is citing health concerns brought on from the strain of dealing with the public comment segment of the meeting. Wow! Looks like ClayCoMOPolitics is missing the best show in town! You can find the article on the Clay County Elected Officials in the News page on the blog.

I do find it interesting that Ms. Dunlap wanted to eliminate the public comment section altogether. Which as a Liberty tax payer I find very arrogant, and out of line. Excuse us poor peasant tax payers out here, we shall just give you our money and you do with it as you shall. The board has changed the public comment section to only address agenda items. In a district of this size I can certainly understand. The board members are accessible by email should you need to bring an issue to them.

In a society where education is ever more important I encourage all tax payers to attend a board meeting once in a while and just see what is going on with your school district. Another old adage in politics is true, all politics is local, and it doesn’t get much more local than the school board.


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