Received this from a friend over to the west. Their November meeting looks interesting!

NEWS RELEASE FOR Immediate release:
CONTACT: Lee Valentine
September 22, 2009, Phone: 816-746-6848
Platte County Pachyderm Club’s November 5th Forum:
“Congressional Health Care Reform: What is looks like and how it will impact you”.
Once again, the Platte County Pachyderm Club affords residents insights on the latest hot topic: Health Care Reform. The public is welcome to join us Thursday, November 5th at 5:30 P.M. at O’Dowd’s in Zona Rosa. Residents and members will explore  National Health Care issue with two highly qualified speakers.
Mr. Cary Hall is “America’s Health Insurance Advocate”. He has valuable information about what the bills contain and their impact on us. Mr. Hall is noted for his myth busting of the health insurance industry. He broadcasts his informative show Saturdays on several radio stations, including KMBZ 980 AM.
Dr. Bruce Kauk is a noted local expert on “elder” medicine.  His expertise is in “Elder Care”, where the senior citizen population is greatly affected by pending Congressional legislation. Dr. Kauk will provide his perspective on proposed bills, as well as their likely impact on the delivery of medical services.

Note: during the November 5th meeting,  members will vote on new Board Members for 2010 .
11/05/’09: Attend the Platte County Pachyderm meetings each First Thursday of each month at O’Dowd’s in Zona Rosa Shopping Center.  Gathering begins at 5:30 PM in the Guinness Room, 8600 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO. Members, $10; non-members $12.50.,which includes a drink & appetizers.  For complete details on:
                                                           # # #
Lee Valentine
Public Relations Chair


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