Below is a copy of Representative Bob Nance’s e-newsletter from 11/2. In it Missouri House Rep. Bob Nance looks at where some of the stimulus money is going in his district and some other specific in district issues.

Stimulus Funds in Area is the location to retrieve information on the Federal Stimulus Plan.

Below are some of the projects in our area:

The Richmond Housing Authority is receiving $181,000. With this funding they are replacing heating and air conditioning systems.  Heat pumps are being installed as part of the renovations. Excelsior Housing Authority is receiving $439,000 for comprehensive modernization of family & elderly vacant units to include mold remediation, flooring, kitchen & bath rehab, painting, carpet, etc.

DCA Excelsior L.L.C. received $167,000 to subsidize payments under HUD.

MINACT Inc. is to receive $1,225,000. The funding is intended to correct the following facility deficiencies: Program-Medical/Dental Deficiencies; Insulation Deficiencies; Interior Doors/Frame Deficiencies; Windows Deficiencies, Floor Finishes Deficiencies; Rehabilitation Deficiencies; Energy Related Deficiencies; Roof Repair; Plumbing Deficiencies; HVAC Deficiencies, Ventilation Deficiencies, and Air Conditioning Deficiencies. The center will by make these funds available through subcontracting opportunities, following all applicable FAR procurement regulations. The expected outcome will be an improved quality of life for students. This project has not started yet, but there will be opportunities for contractors.

In Orrick, W. A. Ellis Construction Company received $277,000 to deliver rock to the contractor – provided loading dock or banks of the Missouri River and load onto government barges by means of a government provided loading dock or load government trucks. That contract has been completed.

DED Accepting Applications for 2010 YOP Program

The Department of Economic Development (DED), Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) is currently accepting applications for calendar year 2010, and will continue to take applications until all tax credits are allocated or until September 30, 2010, whichever comes first. The guidelines and application may be downloaded from the YOP website. If you do not have access to the website, please contact the YOP staff at (573) 751-4539 for a hard copy.

Election Day

Tomorrow, November 3rd is Election Day. On the ballot for voters in our area is an extension of the current Clay County law enforcement tax known as Proposition A. Below is a copy of the ballot language as it will appear. I would encourage every registered voter to research the issue and cast your vote on Tuesday. Your polling place should be on your voter registration card. If you need help or further information, contact the Clay County Board of Elections at or 816.415.8683.



Shall the County of Clay extend and impose a county-wide sales tax at the rate of one-eighth of one percent for a period of twelve (12) years from the date on which such tax is extended for the purpose of providing law enforcement services for the County to include maintenance of current law enforcement facilities and all operational costs to provide for the incarceration of inmates, including additional law enforcement personnel? This sales tax is an extension of the County’s current law enforcement sales tax and will not increase the County’s current sales tax. The Clay County Commission shall annually appropriate said funds pursuant to law, with said funds to be audited annually.


In the District

On Monday the 25th, I traveled to Joplin for a forum with the Joplin Globe on legislative issues. Over 20 Committee Chairs attended.

The 28th of October was the “Just say No” campaign by the local Optimist Club. Fifth graders in the school district heard from high profile students on reasons to stay drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. Daryl Couts led our efforts. We also delivered dictionaries to 4th grade students in Excelsior and Orrick school systems.

Last Thursday was the ‘Clash for Cancer” at many of our high schools. Lathrop and Lawson went so far as to wear pink on black and pink on white uniforms. Congratulations to all teams and students on a worthy cause.

I attended benefits at Ray County Veteran’s building and the Orrick Lion’s Club on Saturday.

I attended the Lawson C. I. A. (C-2000) today.


I was honored to visit members of the Missouri State Parks Foundation on Sunday at the beginning of their three day retreat at the Elms Hotel and visit to Watkins Woolen Mill. This foundation retreat is what all government retreats should be like. Pay your own way. What a concept………

In your service

Bob Nance


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