Clay County election results and national races commentary

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Clay County Political Events, Elections
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Just wanted to share the final results of the Clay County Law Enforcement Sales Tax Extension. The voter turnout was absolutely disgusting. For a society that is founded upon participation, last night was sure a massive fail for our county! Of 159,350 voter registrations a scant 7.12%, 11,341, voters turned out. You only had one issue to vote on, it takes five minutes! There’s no other way to describe this, but, sad!

Results are below:

Law Enforcement Sales Tax Extension

11,326 of us got out to vote.

8023 Yes

3303 No

Thanks to all that voted, whether you agreed with the renewal or not. Personally I think that it was for a good purpose and one of the few times that you will ever hear me support a tax like this.

Let’s all expect Mr. Boydston to spend the money properly and the Clay County Commission to keep their tabs on him!

Liberty Smoking Ordinance.

3811 votes cast

2684 Yes

1127 No

Official results can be found here:

In other national election news the Democrats got their rear ends handed to them in New Jersey and Virginia. Conservatives did not get the win they thought they would in NY-23. After thinking about this a little I am beginning to realize that a lot of people, including myself, got caught up in the fervor of the race and not the reality of what was going to happen there. Dede Scozzafavva was a liberal plain and simple, she was the walking embodiment of what is termed a RINO. This woman had the support and the votes in the race before Hoffman arrived on the scene. As soon as he did though he led those of conservatism away from the RINO. We will never know what the actual absentee vote would reflect if Scozzafavva hadn’t jumped ship in the waning moments of the campaign. I suspect the race would be even tighter if these voters had been privy to the information the general electorate had.

The liberal media like Kieth OlBlabbermouth will play this up as a true assessment of the nation. The reality is this is a small geographic picture of the entire US electorate. All politics is local, and in this district I suspect the local politics is more liberal leaning than conservative leaning. After all a liberal RINO Republican would have won this had it not been for Mr. Hoffman. Owens only won by 5%, not a landslide. When you extrapolate out to larger pictures like the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey you see better what’s really going on out there. People have buyer’s remorse from their November 08 purchase. I used to think that the Senate was going to be the challenge in 2010, I suspect it might be easier to regain control of than I originally thought. Blue dog seats in the House are ripe for the taking regardless of what they do this week in Congress. They vote with Pelosi and I got a feeling that the Congress will be taken in a landslide as well in 2010.

I hope the RNC learns from this fiasco in NY-23. If they come out against these RINOs they will be basking in the money and votes. If they don’t expect the Tea Party movement to be a liability for the RNC heading to 2010 they better get this figured out and start listening. The Democrats have their own problems with internal strife. The reason they can’t pass health care is because they can’t get everyone on the same page.

I do think this all means that Mr. Hope and Change got people to the polls last November more because of his celebrity and the way he sounded, not any real substance. Of course there was the semi-RINO Bush that was leaving office that sure helped Obama as he said the right things. There has been no massive change among American’s political values other than the fact that a bunch of conservatives have woken up and realized it’s time to get motivated, networked, and engaged. America it’s time to get back to our principles and to move this country to a more fiscally disciplined and rational mind set. There is a lot of work ahead of us. This is only the begining.


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