Dear Claire; A letter

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Senator Claire McCaskill
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Dear Claire McCaskill,

It occurred to me last night that it was about time to write you a letter. Events of the last couple weeks have proven time and again your total lack of leadership skills and respect for people. I call your office on a weekly basis. Because I spend all of my days focused on my job, I am rarely able to catch one of your disrespectful and ignorant staff members in Washington.

Two things you have done over the last week have absolutely enraged me, and have proven everything I have come to believe about you. First, you told the Catholic Church that their position on abortion should be trumped by their need and want to help others. You stated on Wednesday December 2 “I pray that the Catholic bishops will focus on the millions of people who are ill and hurting that need our help,” adding, “Jesus spent more time talking about the poor and the sick than many of the issues the bishops seem to focus on these days.” Claire, I am not religious, an atheist actually, but this is absurd and brazen. You either are, or you are not something. The real problem here is because of your arrogance you think that you can tell the millions of Catholics and the entire church leadership that you have to sacrifice a value for another value. It is wrong, and immoral, to force millions of American’s to pay for a “medical” procedure with their tax dollars that they have huge reservations against.

Second, as if you could make a more ignorant statement, last week you insulted every single military man and woman serving this great country. Because you and the Democrat party want to hijack the American health care system, and the Republicans are doing everything to stop it, you might have to stay in WADC through Christmas. You said that you were upset that you might have to miss your Christmas traditions of baking cookies with your kids. All I can say is too damn bad! There are thousands of Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq who will be working on Friday, who will not spend one second of time with their family, and who will not enjoy any Christmas traditions! So too bad, I hope your kids suffer.

I believe strongly in respecting other people, but you are pushing me to the very edge of civil discourse. The respect I had for you left a long time ago. Your arrogance, your disrespect, and your blatant ignorance of America and Missouri are too much. 56% of America does not want this health care bill. You serve in the United States Senate, a body that is supposed to represent the states equally. If 56% of America says no, then you should not vote for it! It’s that simple. A Survey USA poll was done in Missouri about a month ago, Obama’s approval numbers are down below 40% in this state, I bet you are not too far away from that. Ms. McCaskill. Do the right thing on Thursday night and vote no! Listen to America! You represent us, the people!

I can’t wait till 2012 because we are going to send you back to your couch and a big batch of cookie dough! It’s the one thing I think you are really good at.

Submitted by e-mail to Claire McCaskill 12/20/2009.


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