Where do we go after last night’s cloture vote on health care?

Posted: December 21, 2009 in 2010 Elections
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As I laid in bed last night watching the Democrats completely ignore majority opinion, many thoughts ran through my head about what to do. My initial response was to throw the remote through the TV, but then I realized that would be about as effective as this bill will be in improving health care in America. If you haven’t figured it out yet this is about creating a public insurance option, not about fixing health care. There is no way the system can support the stress that this new bill will create within it. So the question to be asked is, what do we do about it?

We have to analyze what has happened to understand where we need to go. Millions of Americans have attended tea parties, called their Congressman and Senators, and emailed endlessly. All reputable polling data indicates that as a majority, America does not support this bill. So what did the Democrats do? They barely passed it in both houses. It occurred to me this morning that it’s time to rethink the approach. I myself have called McCaskill’s office at least a dozen times, just sent another e-mail two days ago, and have been to about 4 tea parties (speaking at three of them). I am going to say something that is counter-intuitive here, but I think it will make sense in a minute. Quit wasting your time calling and writing your representatives.

Here’s why: If they were going to listen to you the bill wouldn’t have passed either body. Communicating to them is a waste of time and is distracting us from what needs to happen. Removing these people from office and changing the hearts and minds of the American public, our friends and families. I am here to tell you we have a lot of power left, but we have to act on it. I have some ideas of what we need to do.

The foundation of politics is two things; votes and money. We have an election coming in 2010 and WADC is not listening to us. So fine, let them not listen. It’s not worth getting worked up about. The goal then needs to be to take power away in November. The first thing we need to do is this. Instead of using that energy on the idiots that do not listen to us, use it creatively to talk to those that will listen to us, our friends and family. I am beginning to believe that they want us to keep yelling at them. These people are not dumb. They wouldn’t have manipulated the American public as much as they have if they were.The more time we spend focused on them the more leverage they gain in 2010 by us wasting time. Our friends, family, and coworkers are the people that will save or destroy the republic in the next 10 years. We have to change the hearts and minds of these people, not those in WADC. Really, do you think we would change their minds anyway? They make six figure salaries and work half the year. It won’t matter what they do in Washington between now and then if we have an electorate that won’t listen to them when they ask for our vote. If we put in people that will listen to us we can repair the damage. I do not buy into the rhetoric that whatever is passed is passed! We can if we want to, the question is how bad do you want it?

So start writing letters to your friends and family. You know co-workers that might listen to you, take them out for a drink and bring it up. Use every opportunity that you can find. This Christmas bring it up at the dinner table. You have a captive audience, don’t waste the chance! There are many Americans out there that still aren’t involved. If you get them educated we start to fix this nation in 2010. Everybody is always so excited about New Year’s resolutions, announce to people that your New Years Resolution is to work to convince people that what America needs is freedom loving conservatives in office in 2010.

Money is the mother’s milk of politics. This is a huge weapon. Start looking at who voted for this bill in the house and Senate and start donating money to their opponents if you can afford it. Only if it’s $5, it’s still $5. Everyone of these idiots in the house that voted for the health care bill probably already has opposition. In Missouri there were three individuals that voted for it; Russ Carnahan (MO-3), Emanuel Cleaver (MO-5), and William Clay (MO-1). I am going to donate just $5 to each one of their opponents to start. Maybe more if we can afford it, I don’t know. In district 5 we have a great conservative candidate by the name of Jacob Turk who is just waiting for donations. Imagine if we got every conservative republican to donate just five dollars to Jacob’s campaign in the next election cycle. Or, how about Ed Martin who is running against Russ Carnahan in district 3. Consider what would happen if we could get more people to donate money from outside the state. I don’t care if they are in your districts or not. Getting them elected will be the difference between your freedoms being protected/restored or the failure of this nation.

Strangely, I am getting more optimistic about things. Don’t know why, maybe its blind hope, or maybe it’s the reality that the Democrats have gone too far and there are millions of freedom loving Americans out there. The technologies and willingness exists to focus our efforts and effect real change. That change doesn’t come from yelling at your Senator or Congressperson. Either way, if you sit idly by and do nothing, or if you say oh what does it matter, the failure of this nation is on your shoulders not those that perpetrated the action against you. This is about self-defense and self-preservation. Sit idly by and watch as your future and freedoms or destroyed, or get some skin in the game!


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