Missouri Representative Dr. Rob Schaaf gives the AMA the boot

Posted: January 4, 2010 in National Health Care
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For those of us that are opposed to the current health care bill being rammed down our throats by the US Congress, I have some good news. I received an encouraging press release the other day from the office of Representative Rob Schaaf. Dr. Schaaf represents Missouri district 23 in the State House of Representatives. Dr. Schaaf is pretty mad at the AMA for its endorsement of the menagerie that is known as the US Senate health bill. According to Dr. Schaaf, “The AMA has ignored the best interests of patients, opting to protect special interests. Physicians need to send the AMA a strong message that they will not tolerate AMA’s support of this horrible bill.” To reinforce his statement, Dr. Schaaf resigned from the AMA.

I say thank you! I join Dr. Schaaf in encouraging all doctors that are currently members of the AMA to leave it.

I would like to take this a step further though. Doctors work for us, and many are dependent upon the income that we help create for them. Now I have heard that many doctors oppose this health care bill like you and I. I say let’s give them some creative encouragement to be more vocal about this. The next time you go to your doctor consider asking them this question: do you support the current health care bill that is being supported by the President and rushed through Congress? If the answer is no, follow with this question: the AMA supports the health care bill, will you consider joining Representative Rob Schaaf and resigning from the AMA?

If they answer yes to the first question, fire them as your doctor! As citizens opposed to this absurd bill we need to explore every avenue that exists to stopping it.


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