ClayCoMOPolitics endorses Missouri Senator Chuck Purgason in US Senate Race

Posted: February 13, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Missouri United States Senate
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I have struggled with my position on this for some time. I cannot continue to remain silent on the  Missouri Senate race anymore. One of my strengths is that I have always been a principled person. I believe that values matter, and one should not compromise themselves for a political end. At the same time, the political process is something that dictates a compromise. So, the question becomes, how do you reconcile the two?

For me the solution is simple. You allow a healthy primary fight between all candidates, no matter who they may be, and you let the people decide. You DO NOT allow the party to pile on for one candidate before the people have even had the opportunity to make an educated informed decision. This is unfortunately what has happened in the Missouri primary for US Senate in the state of Missouri.

While I have no doubt that Congressman Roy Blunt is a decent man who wants what’s best for Missouri, I have reservations about the way that he has gone about trying to accomplish these goals. Roy is someone of old political cloth. That’s not meant as an insult or a dig, it’s just a reality. I have attended Tea Parties, I believe in the signs we have held up, I believe in the message we have sent. That message was not just directed at Comrade Obama and the Progressives in WADC, but it was meant for individuals like Congressman Blunt.

What do I mean? It’s simple:

Representative Roy Blunt voted for the Bush bailout. Yeah, I know, Chicken Little told everyone that the sky was falling. Whatever, this is the same government that told us for the better part of a decade that everything is fine, just make sure you keep buying stuff.

Roy Blunt voted for Cash for Clunkers. Need I say more here?

Roy Blunt took political donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yeah, the same hybrid, part-government, part-private joke, that got us into this mess in the first place.

The argument for Blunt goes something like this. I know that he hasn’t been the best representative, but he will be now because the voters will hold him accountable. This may very well have some truth to it. Blunt will have to be reelected in 2016 if he wins this race. Politicians that enjoy their positions, don’t like to lose them. Supporters continue, we have to beat Robin Carnahan, and no one else can do it but Roy.

Okay, let’s apply a logic test to this argument. Americans are ticked off at establishment politicians because they have spent our money carelessly. Roy Blunt has acted like an establishment politician. Americans are ticked off at the values of the hard-left of the Democrat party. Robin Carnahan agrees with the hard-left of the Democrat party. So, if Roy Blunt is not the Republican candidate for US Senator, Missourians will flock to Robin Carnahan in November? Hmmm…. That’s not working for me, that makes no sense.

Do I want Robin Carnahan as Missouri Senator? Not a chance! Will I support Congressman Blunt if he is the Republican candidate in November? You bet! As I said politics is about compromise, Congressman Blunt is a great candidate for Senator when you compare him to Robin Carnahan. No doubts, there.

It’s my hope that more conservatives in Missouri consider voting for Chuck Purgason in the primary instead of Congressman Blunt. Purgason is the true Tea Party candidate for US Senator. I have talked to several state level representatives about Purgason. They tend to tow the party line about Congressman Blunt, which is fine, but they never have any negatives to say about Purgason. The rebuttal is generally that he won’t win because of the amount of support for Blunt. Well, that’s not enough to scare me off from supporting him.

You can find more about Chuck Purgason’s campaign here:

  1. DrD says:

    Thank you for your insight and courage. I completely agree with your assessment. Old school polsters are really behind the information curve these days. Future elections are going to won at a fraction of the current money costs. Money equals debt, a person’s time is the only thing of value now. People are beginning to value their own time and will vote the issues not the party.

  2. Ron Muck says:

    I sent him a small contribution. ron

  3. Mike Smith says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more as well and thank you for making the stand.

    I got upset at the St. Louis & 7th Dist. MRA for their endorsement of Blunt so early without any debates, etc. taking place. They hailed him as the ‘conservative’ candidate in the race. I challenged them on it, but I didn’t get a good reply back from them.

    I’ve meet and talked with Chuck, as well as reading over his website. I must say that I like what I see. I just wish that the GOP and Republican agencies wouldn’t always support entrenched politicians.

    I also plan to contribute to his campaign.

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