Posted: February 19, 2010 in Missouri
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Below is another press release from Rep. Schaaf about a Missouri bill proposed about prohibiting corporate campaign contributions.

I call them as I see them, I am not a party hack. I do not agree with this on any level. Representative Schaaf states below that corporations are spending other peoples’ money. NO, COMPLETELY WRONG! When I go and spend money, when I buy a product or a service, I am releasing any rights to that money that I ever had. I have no say so over what they do with it, this is the foundation of capitalism. We are traders, we trade a value for a value. We don’t retain partial control over the value we traded. A corporate entity has the right to spend their money how they see fit. If they want to invest in a political candidate they have every right to do so.

I have a better solution. Representative Schaaf, you want to protect us, publish the names of these companies that donate money and who and what they donate to. Allow the tax paying citizen to be educated on who the companies donate to. Set up a website and send a mailing to every registered voter pointing them to the website, but don’t infringe upon freedom. Let us vote with our dollars. Our founding fathers expected an informed and engaged citizenry, you are just making excuses for them to watch American Idol with bills like this. Your heart is in the right place on this one, but you are not thinking this through.


State Rep. Rob Schaaf

Room  303A , State Capitol

Jefferson  City,  MO    65101-6806

Phone: (816)294-1409

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January 15, 2010


St. Joseph, MO— State Representative Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, has introduced a bill that would allow only individuals and political committees that received contributions from individuals from making campaign contributions or spending money in an election.

“Ethics reform is a high priority this year,” Rep. Schaaf said.  “If we really want to break the influence special interests have on legislators, stopping corporate contributions is the first step.”

Under Missouri law, corporations can make contributions, but are prohibited by federal law.  HB 1655, co-sponsored by Majority Floor Leader Steven Tilley, would prohibit corporate contributions as well as those from unions and other organizations.   The bill would not prevent unions or other entities from forming political action committees, but a contribution would have to come directly from a member, not the union itself.  The same would be true for other member organizations.

“When corporations give to candidates, they are usually giving other people’s money,” noted Rep. Schaaf.  “It can be hard to track exactly who is giving.  Big corporations can give a lot of money, and wield a lot of power, often to keep things as they are, and to prevent changes that could help citizens and taxpayers.  I have seen these corporate special interests stifle important bills just because reform would crash their private gravy trains.  This bill would stop a large part of that, and would help the people.

Representative Schaaf ‘s  bill will be considered in the mix of many other proposals as the legislature debates ethics reform this year.  A special bipartisan committee has been named to hear the various bills, including Rep. Tilley’s own bill.

The text of the bill can be found online at:



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