Missouri Representative Salva encourages recognition of Trapshooting as high school sport

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Education, Missouri
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ClayCoMOPolitics would like to recognize Missouri House of Representative Ray Salva with his offering of House concurrent resolution 8 (HCR 8) encouraging high schools to recognize trapshooting as a sport.

Trapshooting was, and still is, a large part ClayCoMOPolitics’ life. I spent my formative teenage years working at the Kansas City Trapshooters Association in the northern part of Clay County at Smithville Lake. I also currently coach a trapshooting program at an area school district. Liberty, Kearney, Smithville, and numerous other school districts in Missouri have active trapshooting programs. Trapshooting is a safe internationally recognized sport.

Trapshooting is a sport that reaches a student population that is often under served by mainstream sports programs. It teaches mental discipline, patience, respect for firearms, and most importantly, the fact that the second amendment is still a viable part of everyday life for millions of Americans. Students that learn to respect a firearm on the trap line do not feed into the culture of violence that exists in our inner cities where firearms are viewed as weapons.

It’s my expectation that all Clay County representatives support this resolution in the house.

You can view the resolution here:


Track the bill here:



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