Straight Talk With Sam-1/25/2010

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Below is a copy of Congressman Graves’ newsletter Straight Talk With Sam from 1/25/2010. This addresses the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Washington Should Heed Voters Message

On April 19, 1775, a group of British soldiers advanced upon Lexington Green. Awaiting them were armed minutemen who had been alerted by Paul Revere’s famous ride through the night. In the early morning hours, minutemen and British soldiers stood yards apart. To this day, no one is really sure who fired the first shot. Nevertheless, it became known as the shot heard around the world.

Last week, Massachusetts was again the sight of an event that turned conventional wisdom on its head. A special Senate election was held to fill former Senator Edward Kennedy’s seat. In an almost unimaginable upset, the Republican Scott Brown won the seat.

The effect of that victory has been to put the breaks on a partisan health care reform bill that is deeply unpopular with the public. Without the numbers necessary to pass it on a party-line vote, the Administration is now forced to rethink what it has been doing.

The people of Massachusetts sent a message to Washington on behalf of many Americans. They are tired of the excessive spending, the bailouts and the ever-increasing role of the federal government.

I hope that message will resonate in Washington. It’s time to put aside the partisan rhetoric and legislation. We have an opportunity to work on common sense proposals that will help set the table for economic growth, stop the growth of government and decrease the deficit.

It may not have been a shot heard around the world, but I hope it was heard in Washington.

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