You have to love politics. Maybe you forgot about this, but the current attorney general of the state of Missouri, Chris Koster, used to be a Republican. He decided to flip parties before the ’08 elections and was able to be elected as a Democrat. Koster has been silent on joining lawsuits against the passage of health care. It may be because he is feeling the heat in his new found party, or he is really working on joining the suits. I don’t know. In a recent Rasmussen poll Missourians stated overwhelmingly that they were opposed to this bill. I would bet the same people would say that they would like the state to join in the lawsuits.

We need to call the Attorney General”s office at (816)889-5000  and ask what our state is doing to join in the law suits that other states are way ahead of us on.  Please be polite when you call. Koster has been on the right side of the Second Amendment when he signed on with numerous other State Attorney Generals against the reinstatement of the federal ban on semi-automatic firearms. You may also email the Attorney General’s office at


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