Why Elena Kagan should be opposed

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Barack Obama
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The news is all a buzz about Elena Kagan, the new Supreme Court nominee. I believe that she should be opposed simply because we cannot trust Obama. But I of course need more reasons than that.

I accidentally came across this online on OpenSecrets.org. The #3 contributor to Barack Obama’s campaign this year was none other than Harvard University to the tune of…wait for it…$854,747, the only two bigger donors were the University of California and Goldman Sachs. Elena Kagan was a dean of Harvard Law School from 2003-2009.  Hmmm….

Then there is this. Apparently Kagan has strong socialist leanings. In her underground thesis at Princeton she said that she thought the decline of socialism was “sad” for those who still wish to “change America.” I’m sorry, unless she has recently disavowed her ideological leanings, she should not be voted onto the highest court in the land. You know she hasn’t, neither has Obama,and the 11 other people that surround the President that have no problem with socialism and/or communism.

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