There is few people I dislike as much as Barack Obama, but I think Claire McCaskill takes the cake, or in her case the cookie dough. Claire is in the midst of image damage control and will continue to do this until she thinks that you forgot. Forgot what? Oh, let me remind you.

Claire voted for the TARP bill, she voted for the Obama stimulus bill, she voted to confirm Cass Sunstein, voted to confirm the non-educator Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, and she voted for the health care bill. A large majority of Missouri is furious at Claire. But Claire thinks you can be brought back to her side, because you are stupid.

Claire has literally spent weeks on a crusade to end secret holds in the Senate. She has been a Twitterin’ like crazy about it, too. You would think that this was the greatest problem facing the United States of America by how “passionate” she was about it. This week she is scheduling town halls. The town halls are focused on veterans, and she really wants veterans to show up, but you are of course welcome, too. One of these town halls just happens to be in Smithville the same night that Sam Graves is having a town hall just miles away. Right in the middle of Congressman Graves district. Am I supposed to believe this is an accident.

DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE IS DOING!? This woman is one of the most dangerous and dishonest politicians in America. She thinks you won’t remember what she has done to you. She thinks that if she runs back to the middle and acts like she cares she can win you back. Ms. McCaskill, I’m not stupid, Missouri is not stupid, and you are an insult to this state.

  1. stlgretchen says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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