Cap and Trade to be “PUSHED” through in July!!

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Cap and Trade, Corruption
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We must start to contact our Senators and tell them that Cap and Trade cannot be passed! Harry Reid and the Democrats will attempt to utilize the oil spill to try and pass Cap and Trade. Our economy cannot, and will not survive passage of this bill. The Democrats will attempt to use the unfortunate events in the gulf to ram this through. It’s a scam to get Cap and Trade passed. The current iteration of Cap and Trade is known as the American Power Act. Sounds benign, doesn’t it?

Here is an article that discusses Reid’s statements last week about pushing “comprehensive” energy policy through by July:

The CBO has released documents stating that policies to reduce greenhouse gasses would result in job losses causing the unemployment rate to go higher than it currently is.

I don’t know what more to tell people. We are looking at a combination of things that could create a chaotic economic situation worse than anything this country has ever seen. I want you to put everything that has been happening together and think about how this all affects America. First, the health care bill has taxes that will begin to go in effect next year that will put severe strain on an already broken economy. Second, the national debt is about to approach 100% of GDP. This means we owe as much money as what the economy produces in one year. Third, the unemployment rate is not improving and there is nothing that is being done that will improve it. Consider the unemployment data that came out on Friday, most analysts were expecting higher numbers than what actually came out, upwards of 500,000. The numbers that came out were scary. 431,000 jobs were “created” in May, of those jobs 411,000 jobs were temporary US Census workers. In other words there were 14% less jobs created than anticipated, of those jobs 95% were temporary government jobs. Only 5% of these jobs were created in the private sector. The market closed below 10,000 and lost 325 points on a jobs report that technically showed unemployment going down .2% Folks, the government gets it’s money from the private sector and there is no end in sight to the spending in WADC. Now they really want to pass yet another bill that will raise taxes on every aspect of the entire economy? If passed, Cap and Trade would have effects on every industry and business in America. Some on the left have even broached the concept of a Value Added Tax. This would be yet another tax on every aspect of the economy.

Remember this stupid bill has already been passed by the US House of Representatives and only has to pass the Senate. We must do what we did with the health care bill, shut down the switchboard. Please let the Democrats know that they are gone in November and that they will be the ones responsible for the destruction of the US economy. Tell the Republicans that you know that the media and the left will try and pressure them into “doing something about the oil spill.” Amending Cap and Trade to a bill directed at addressing the problems in the gulf is dishonest and not necessary to address the problems in the Gulf. You won’t hold a no vote against them in November. Cap and Trade will not address the problems in the Gulf.

If you live in Missouri please call Claire McCaskill at:


Call Senator Bond at:


Remember the American Power Act will require 60 votes to pass. That means one Republican has to break ranks and vote for this bill, This cannot happen!!!


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