I received an email last night from Republican Clay County Auditor Candidate Jay Jones last night. It appears that the story of William James Norris, non-CPA, possible graduate of William Jewell College continues.

Jay Jones went around and planted 29 signs at polling places yesterday for the primary. It appears when he went to retrieve those signs after 7:00 PM last night 15 of his signs were missing at 11 polling places. The wires were still stuck in the ground, and so were Norris signs at every place they were missing right next to where Jay’s signs were. Coincidence I’m sure!

I will be meeting with Democrat Clay County Auditor candidate Sheila Ernzen here in the coming weeks. I would imagine I will be endorsing her in the general. Yes folks, I’m not a party hack, and I do my research. Unlike 7000 Clay County Republican primary voters did yesterday. This is evidence of how poorly people educate themselves when they go to the polls.


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