MNEA endorses Missouri state house candidate who fails to vote in his own school board election

Posted: August 22, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Missouri State House Races
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If you have read this blog for any period of time you know that education is an issue that is important to me. It kind of comes with the territory considering the fact that I am a public school teacher. I cannot stand unions, and the most insidious of all unions in existence today is none other than the National Education Association. The NEA is completely out of step with the mainstream of America. You need look no further than their recommended reading list which proudly features Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals on their website. For those that don’t know who Saul Alinsky is, he was a radical leftist organizer from the 1960s. An interesting tidbit, Rules for Radicals is dedicated to Lucifer. I am not religious, but this is just ignorant and demonstrates his intellect, and his intent.

On to bigger and better things, though. The MNEA, Missouri’s branch of the leftist teacher organization, always feels the need to endorse candidates. The thing is, they almost always endorse left of center or far left candidates. Don’t believe me, look for yourself, here is their endorsement list for 2010. I’m not kidding, they have only endorsed 7 Republicans so far, and the rest have been Democrats. I didn’t count the total number of Democrats, but it’s safe to assume it is in the dozens.

The MNEA has endorsed Mr. Ellebracht in the 2010 Missouri House District-34 race in which he is facing off with Republican challenger Myron Neth. I was tipped off the other day that Mr. Ellebracht never voted in the April school board elections here in Liberty. Of 3758 voters that went and stood to be counted, Mr. Ellebracht was nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that a bit odd. To me, if you actually knew anything about education, and educational policy, I would think that this recent election of just about four months ago would have been something you may have wanted to attend. If as you claim, you owe so much to the people of district 34 as Mr. Ellebracht mentions on his bio.

This is where this whole thing gets even more frustrating. You see, Myron Neth, the Republican opponent to Mr. Ellebracht is married to a public educator. Now I am not saying that this should cause an endorsement to be granted to someone, but it would leave one to believe that they may actually have some knowledge of the topic at hand. What’s even more fascinating is that a quick review of Mr. Ellebracht’s bio and you find that he has no background in education that puts him any farther ahead of Mr. Neth on the topic.

Now I have reviewed both candidates brief statements on their websites about education. I find it rather entertaining that Mr. Ellebracht seems to think that there is some endless supply of money out there for public education. Maybe he knows a leprechaun or something. He states that he opposes every cut that was made last year to education. Mr. Ellebracht I don’t know if you know this or not, but the cuts next year that the general assembly are going to make are going to be even worse than this year. We are broke, it’s because his buddy Barry and all of his little progressive friends have spent us into complete oblivion since 2007. Now Mr. Ellebracht takes a complete leap into the land of progressiveville with his claim that the General Assembly cut $106 million from education. It’s a grammatical game, the General Assembly did not allow the new phase-in on the foundation formula because it was economically unsustainable. It was not cut, it was just never given. By the way, the decision to not do that was proposed by Rep. Maynard Wallace, a former school district superintendent! Mr. Ellebracht goes further and makes some nutty claim about $100,000,000 being given to build a new stadium in St. Louis. This is a complete misrepresentation of facts. The Missouri budget includes a kickback for maintenance to both St. Louis and Kansas City stadiums. If it equates to $100,000,000 it takes a long time to get there, it sure wasn’t just cut from the budget.

Mr. Neth’s stances on education are not really detailed, but at least he says he will fully fund the foundation formula. You know, that’s really all we can ask for right now. I’ll trust the husband of a teacher far more than a progressive leftist any day of the week.

The NEA is a joke, and this is just one more example of that fact. The MNEA endorsed Barack Obama in the 2010 election by a margin of 3-1 in their convention. We all know how well that has worked out for public education. A completely destroyed economy, a secretary of education that knows nothing about education who has never taught a day in his life, and more involvement in our schools by the federal Department of Education. The MNEA ought to be ashamed of itself! I encourage all teachers to burn their NEA card and consider joining the AAE, a non-union teacher organization that provides teachers with the same level of insurance as their unions.

I am welcome to any response from Mr. Ellebracht to anything I have said, especially the issue of not voting. I hope he has a good reason for this, and to be fair he may. Mr. Ellebracht did serve our country, so I would suspect honesty and integrity is something he values.

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