I attended the Clay County Republican Central Committee last night. The issue of Republican candidate for Clay County Auditor William James Norris came up. The committee entertained discussion for well over an hour. I was given time to speak and present the information that I knew up to this point.

I was impressed by the way the committee handled this issue, very respectful and professional. The bottom line is that Mr. Norris has an excessive amount of questions surrounding his candidacy. Just do a search on my blog and you will see why. He has refused to be forth coming about these questions and has even been approached by Clay Central Committee chair Ben Wierzbicki to discuss the matter. His failure to respond is his choice, he has not been singled out or targeted unfairly.

I especially appreciate the fact that Mr. Wierzbicki removed himself from leading the discussion last night. He felt that since he had originally recruited and supported the other primary candidate Jay Jones, that it was not ethical for him to be in charge during this event.  The discussion was supervised by Central Committee member Tom Salisbury and parliamentarian Kevin Corlew. The final decision of the committee was to issue a press release not endorsing William James Norris in his candidacy as a Republican for Clay County auditor. A press release is expected within the day or two and I will post as soon as it is in hand.


  1. Sam H says:

    There’s no doubt this guy is a fraud with a criminal past so it makes sense for the committee not to endorse him. But I question why they didn’t do this before the primary? They are stuck with him now and with Republican beside his name on the ballot he will probably win. His fraud fooled a bunch of voters before what makes you think he won’t do it again? God help Clay County when this joke is auditing the tax dollars!

  2. Dee says:

    I put mine up last night and didn’t realize you had yours up already, will link to it.

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