It’s time! I have never been more excited in my life to vote. It’s odd though, I am not as excited about some of the candidates this cycle. But then again we are at the beginning of a movement in this country, so I’ll take the good with the mediocre. There are some great candidates, too. Below are the recommendations for the Clay County ballot.

Here is the link to the Clay County Ballot.

For United States Senator:

I will be voting for Roy Blunt. I am very concerned about Mr. Blunt. He has been part of the problem in Washington, and I am not thoroughly convinced that he has been driven back to his conservative roots, but I do believe that he will be more cautious over the next 6 years than in the past. As you may know I was a Chuck Purgason supporter in the primary and felt that Chuck was the more principled candidate, but Mr. Blunt won. At the end of the day politics is a game of compromise and give and take. To be fair to Mr. Blunt he is on the right side of most issues. There is certainly no way in the world that I would vote for the condescending, arrogant, elitist Robin Carnahan. Ms. Carnahan your stupid country music ad demonstrates just how little you think of the peasants, sorry, people of Missouri and it is apparent that you are no different than Cousin’ Claire. Third parties are truly a wasted vote in this election. So I will vote for Mr. Blunt on November 2nd, and I will hold his butt to the fire starting November 3rd. I assure you Mr. Blunt you will be watched and will be happy to make sure that you only serve one term if you choose the path of the RINO.

For Missouri State Auditor:

I will be voting for Tom Schweich. This took a lot of thought and this is yet another candidate I am not overly confident in. We had Mr. Schweich at our local Clay County Pachyderm Club this year and while he is an incredibly competent and qualified individual, I was not impressed with the way he came off. I sat down with Mr. Schweich afterward and it got a little heated. I asked him some legitimate questions and he got a little frustrated with me. So why vote for him you may ask yourself? One, have you seen this guys resume? I mean, really, he has accomplished a lot and is qualified for the job. Two, candidly I am tired of Democrats in high places and Susan Montee is yet another one. Three, have you seen the Margarita Montee video? Some say that’s a cheap shot for using this as a reason for not voting. I’m sorry, if you act like this in public, as an elected official, then you need to really reevaluate your own opinions on the concept of leadership. If you think it’s not a big deal then you really need to reevaluate your own values. I’m all for having a good time, but you don’t have to get blitzed to do it!

For US Representative 6th District:

I will be proudly voting for Congressman Sam Graves for reelection. Mr. Graves has been one of the Republicans that has stood proudly against the status quo in WADC. He opposed all bailouts and has been a principled conservative. Mr. Blunt could learn a lesson or two from Mr. Graves. Mr. Graves if you’re listening I would love to see you oppose the socialist Cousin’ Claire for Senate in 2012!

For State Representative 31st District:

I am not a voter in this district, but would like to endorse Republican candidate Matthew K. Thompson. I don’t know much about Matthew but had the privilege to meet him at a couple Republican events here in the area. Seems like a decent person and would do the right thing in Jeff City for Missourians. District 31 has been a stronghold for the Democratic party in Missouri. I must admit Trent Skaggs won’t be missed, but the stories of him getting kicked off the house floor will. Matt’s opponent is Jay Swearingen, I can’t really say anything negative about him because I know even less about him. He has a website, but no positions on issues, only a biography.

For State Representative 33rd District:

I would like to endorse Jerry Nolte in the 33rd district. I have met with Jerry numerous times and I don’t think you will find a more respectful, principled, hard-working conservative in the Missouri State House. Jerry’s opponent is Jim Stouffer. His website has a bunch of nice sounding one liners on his issue page. How he plans on accomplishing these things, one is not to sure? We have seen what Jerry has done in the Missouri House during his tenure there, I believe that Missouri-33 will be happy with Jerry’s leadership for two more years.

For State Representative 34th District:

I gladly endorse Myron Neth for Missouri 34. I have had the pleasure of meeting Myron, and in my opinion, is going to make an outstanding hard-working state Representative. I really appreciate his interest in the issue of education. Myron is married to a teacher, and I can rest peacefully knowing that he will do the right thing for Missouri public education. His opponent on the other hand greatly concerns me. Mark Ellebracht is one of those people that have never actually done anything that gives them real world experience. He was a drummer boy for the US Army and then came back and went to school for a really long time. He thinks he knows something about education and the work world. His positions on unionization greatly concern me, I am proudly non-union and never will be. Mark Ellebracht should not represent Missouri.

For State Representative 35th District:

I will be proudly voting for TJ Berry. TJ exemplifies what the tea party and public service is all about. Here is a man that has done well in his life, raised a great family, started his own business, and now he is headed off to serve his community in the Missouri legislature. TJ will be a hard-working strong conservative and I believe another state representative that will treat public education in Missouri well. His opponent is Jim Baldwin. Ummm..yeah. Mr. Baldwin declined an interview with the Kearney Courier stating:

“I just feel like Sun Publications don’t do me any good,” Baldwin said. (Sun Publications is owned by the same parent company as The Courier.)

Mr. Baldwin also has stellar yard signs, of which I have seen one. I suspect he may have contracted a Kindergarten student from Clay County to design them. Mr. Baldwin was also arrested on charges of trespassing in 09. Oh my….

For State Representative 36th District:

I recommend voters of the 36th vote for Bob Nance. I have had limited interaction with Bob, but feel that he is a hard-working conservative who has done well in his role as state Representative. His opponent is Barbara Lanning, Barbara has a website that has only a biography on it. Unsure where she stands, but she feels that Mr. Nance hasn’t done a good job. She fails to present the evidence to the contrary, I guess we are supposed to take her on her word.

For State Representative 38th District:

The 38th has an easy decision by selecting Ryan Silvey for another term. Ryan has been a hard worker in Jeff City and will probably be the Missouri House Budget chair next year. I have had numerous interactions with Ryan over the past two years and feel comfortable with his leadership. His opponent is Debbie Colozza, a 2008 Obama local leader for Organizing for America. Let me repeat that, she was an Obama organizer. Need I say more.

For Presiding County Commissioner

I will not be endorsing in this race. I will certainly not be voting for Mr. Quick, but will not publicly issue my recommendation here. I have not had the time to do this race due diligence. Ms. Mason has been involved in some issues in the past that I need to better dig in to. I am not stating my position one way or another at this point in time.

For County Clerk:

I will be voting for Sheri Champman. I have met Ms. Chapman several times. Ms. Chapman will make a good County Clerk.

For County Auditor:

If you have followed my blog for some period of time you know why I am endorsing Democrat Sheila Ernzen. Too many questions about Republican candidate William James Norris, so much that his own party failed to endorse him in the general election.

For Collector of Revenue:

I will be voting for Lydia McEvoy for collector of Revenue. Ms. McEvoy seems qualified for the job and is a good strong conservative.

For Recorder of Deeds:

I will be voting for Democrat Robert Sevier. The Republican candidate had some issues before the primary, like figuring out what party he was really from. Word is that he didn’t make too good of an elected official in the past.


Retain all judges, I could not find any information to the contrary. Here is the website of the Missouri Bar with the same information I read.

Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Vote yes, the county assessor should be accountable to the people.

Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Vote yes, exempt those that were prisoners of war from property taxes. They did enough for us. Updated 10/31/2010. I have read more on this since I published this several days ago. I am now recommending no. My initial response was filled with emotion, and not rational thinking. The issue of fraud is a good point to consider here. There are many charities that exist that can help these people and creating loopholes in property tax code may be a bad idea.

Constitutional Amendment No. 3

Vote yes, prevent our homes from being assessed sales tax.

Proposition A

Kansas City and St. Louis should have the right to vote on the earnings tax. Please, please, please vote yes and let me have a say-so on my income taxes in this city.

Proposition B

This is a weird proposition and I am not confident that we need it. There are laws on the book now. Vote no on Proposition B.

Question 1  (Kansas City)

I will be voting yes on the continuance of the Capital Improvements Sales Tax for Police/Public Safety. I believe these are things we as citizens are responsible for and a sales tax is the least intrusive of all taxes to fund this.

Question 2  (Kansas City)

I see no reason to oppose this issue as well. It seems that the bonds will be issued for things that will make Kansas City safer. I have seen no major opposition to this organized either which gives me reason to think otherwise. Once again these responsibilities are local and must be addressed.

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  2. jeff says:

    Pretty good sample ballot. I would only disagree on a handful of them. First, I can’t vote for Blunt. I understand you want to hold him to the fire starting Nov. 3rd, but i don’t think we can keep saying that and then letting them off the hook. Sam Graves voted against his party when it was right to do so. Blunt did not. I can’t waste my vote on bad republicans anymore, even if it means Carnahan wins. Obama’s win is waking America up, where if McCain had won, we’d probably all still be sleeping. I’ll be voting for Jonathan Dine. I read through his issues on his website, and he’s solid on just about everything.

    On a side note, I second the idea to have Graves run against Claire in 2012.

    For Consitutional Amendment 3, I am a supporter of the Fair Tax, and I believe this would hurt the chances of that being passed in the future. Voting no is not a vote for a sales tax, it merely leaves the possibility open for one, which i would only vote for inSTEAD of income tax (not in addition to).

    Finally, for Question 2, I am voting No. Everything that the bonds are for seems fine enough, but we shouldn’t be going into more debt to do it. Voting Yes on Question 1 extends the tax to pay for all those things, we’d just have to wait until we actually have the money if Question 2 fails. This is an easy one for me.

    Aside from those 3, I’m in agreement. Very nice post. Much appreciated.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      Jeff I totally get your point about Blunt. Thanks for the response. I have heard that about Amend. 3, it’s good criticism. Even with a fair tax I still don’t think there should be a sales tax on home sales so that’s my motivation for voting for it. Glad you’re reading out there!

  3. susan says:

    I obviously should have sent this sooner, but I would like to disagree about the judges. I think it is important to keep judges that have a conservative record (Fischer, Welsh, Alexander, Chamberlain), and it is even more important to oust those whose records reveal their liberal views (Howard, Ahuja, Pfeiffer, Mitchell, Davis, Norris). I found these links helpful:

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