Update 11/1/2010

A comment was posted on my blog this morning that added more information on this topic. Out of respect to the source, I am maintaining their request for anonymity, but I assure you it is legitimate and close to the candidate.  It appears that Mr. Norris does have a job. According to the claim he works for White Knight Coach and Limo of Columbia, Missouri and goes by the name Bill Norris. This is interesting, because when I started to do research on all this months ago I was still friends with Norris on Facebook. I read all of his wall posts and did in fact notice some mentions of limousines. Never did I notice any mentions of him being an auditor. I hesitated from making these accusations in my previous post because I didn’t have any information to corroborate it. I decided to call the White Knight company and see if I could get any information. I asked the individual that answered the phone if I was to rent a limo could I request the driver. He stated that was possible, I then asked him if they had a driver by the name of Bill Norris. His response was “yeah, Bill works here), at that point I decided to terminate the conversation. Now does this 100% prove my claims, no. But it certainly seems to fit his M. O.

Original Post:

A thought occurred to me yesterday; does William James Norris even have a job? No one has ever really questioned him on it, so I decided to do some of my own research.

He claimed on The Northland Post that he worked for a company called All-American Enterprises in Central Iowa. The problem is Google searches show numerous All-American Enterprises, but not one of them exists in the entire state of Iowa. I tried the BBB and could not turn up a company registered in Iowa under that name. One would figure a company with revenue of $180 million is surely going to have an Internet site, it’s beyond me why I can’t find them. So, I thought the next best thing was to contact the candidate himself. After all, he’s running for an elected office, and I’m a voter. I figure I have the right to know.

As usual, conversations with Mr. Norris can be quite entertaining, if not a little disconcerting. Here was his first response:


So I give you detailed info about my employer and you do what with it? Start making phone calls?  I’m not going to allow you or anyone else to start causing problems with my career.

Just because Andrew Palmer can’t find what he’s looking for must mean i’m unemployed? Lol

Continue your witch hunt, sir.


Well, I thought I would try again, I figured maybe I didn’t ask the question right. So I responded, here was his second response.


You’re not making me uncomfortable.

The newspapers have already cleared this part.  I think you are smart enough to understand that the KC Star and Tribune would have badgered me to death in the press had they not been able to verify this.

Go ahead and write in your blog that I am unemployed or actually work at McDonalds or something.  It’s pretty apparent to me that anyone who reads your silly little site isn’t going to vote for me anyway.

I’m going to request that you no longer contact me via email or phone.  Not that I don’t enjoy talking to you, Andrew.  You see I am very focused on my campaign right now and I’m trying to put as much of my energy as possible into meeting the voters who might actually vote for me.

I’ve got 25 helpers today Andrew.  Covering a ton of ground and putting up a bunch of signs.  Maybe instead of lashing out at me via email you should be helping Ernzen campaign. I won the primary bc I worked harder than Jay Jones.  I will win the general bc I am working harder than Sheila Ernzen.



Now, I find it interesting that he asked me to “no longer contact” him. That’s odd, I thought he was running to represent the people. I’m just the people, asking bold questions, and expecting honest responses. Well, gee golly! How dare I. At this point I am still willing to entertain Mr. Norris actually telling me who his employer is. I have no intention harming him personally, I have every intention in stopping his campaign and standing for the truth.

Fox 4 has picked up the story of William James Norris for Clay County Auditor and did a great piece on the news tonight at 6 PM. You can watch the piece here.

Norris, true to form, instead of actually checking himself has continued on Twitter this evening. Saying this first:

Then saying this about the piece on Fox 4:

At this point I hope that you realize it’s imperative you tell your neighbor, friend, and family about this.

For all those people out there watching this fiasco, I’d like to remind you that I’m the conservative, that can’t stand Obama, and is fed up the direction this country is going, and I have spent numerous hours of the last three months fighting to defeat one of my own and helping a Democrat get elected. Where the heck are the Democrats in Clay County anyway? Ms. Ernzen is getting little help. Who’s the party reaching across the aisle?

And one more question, this is really directed internally in the Republican party. Can you tell me where this candidate came from? He didn’t come from the Clay County Central Committee. I have my theories, more on that after the election.

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Andrew, Sheila Ernzen. Sheila Ernzen said: RT @claycopolitics: The question becomes does #ClayCountyMO auditor candidate William James Norris even have a job? http://bit.ly/9hJ6UT […]

  2. FanDanGo says:

    Interesting. He continues to lie. Twenty-five volunteers? Blunt doesn’t have that many in Clay County! Why does he keep up the fiction?

    I’m curious, too, who put him up to this race. Personally, I think Billy’s daddy shipped him to Clay County to get him out of the family business and out of the family’s hair.

    • Embarrassed says:

      I have been following this story on and off for awhile. I did not have any information that the public did not discover right away until I discovered the subject of his job last night. He works for a limo company out of Columbia called White Knight Limo. He has held several job positions since he was 21 and none of them being CPA of a 180 million dollar company. If you want him to be your driver ask for Bill, he only started using William when he made his political signs. I know he attended William Jewell for a few classes as well as Maple Woods.

      • Embarrassed says:

        I forgot to address the statement of FanDanGo of Bill’s Daddy shipping him to Liberty to get him out of the Family Business. His dad is retired and Bills grandparents have passed and left him a nice chunk of change. I think he believes he can buy himself a job. When I asked him when this all started if he was qualified to be an CPA for Clay county his response to me “I have the right people to appoint to do the job right”

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