Mark Ellebracht Comments at Gracemoor Community Forum

Posted: October 30, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Missouri State House Races
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The Myron Neth campaign posted this video the other day and I wanted to make a couple of comments on it. First, Mr. Ellebracht speaks as an authority here on so many things, but has little experience to back up his “expert” positions. He sounds like a typical liberal Democrat who has spent a lot of years “studying” things, but no years experiencing and living them. He attacks the Republican legislature in Jeff City stating that “And they were using the microphone and their platform as a kind of a bully pulpit to continue to campaign. They weren’t really doing any work.” Hmmmm…… Kind of sounds like your life experience Mr. Ellebracht. It also sounds a lot like Mr. Obama, which I hear you love dearly. Cramming ideological legislation down our throats is not equivalent to doing any work either, it’s counterproductive.

Finally, and most importantly, this guys position on teacher unions and education is dangerous. I’m a teacher and I’m telling you he doesn’t have a clue about what he is talking about. I don’t want, and I don’t need some intermediary who I have to pay to get in between me and management of my school district. Teachers are treated quite well here in the state of Missouri. Yes, we work a lot of hours, and yes our schedules are often imbalanced during the school year, but we don’t need know-nothings and ideologues like yourself meddling and creating more teacher unionization. You want to help fix education, tell the MNEA to take a hike, and tell the state of Missouri to get rid of tenure. Fire the bad teachers and pay the good teachers more. My biggest frustration in education is that I can work my butt off to become a better teacher and a 20 year veteran can just exist if they want to. They suffer no consequence and I can’t make any more money based on performance. Employees are individuals, not a collective, treat them as such.

Mr. Ellebracht, go get a real job or represent a few real clients. Live in the real world with us for a few years, and then maybe you ought to try this running for office thing.

Folks, we talk a lot about career politicians in our society, this is how they get started. Vote Myron Neth on Tuesday November 2nd. Mr. Neth has the endorsement of the MSTA, another teacher union far less dangerous and vile then the MNEA. He’s married to a school teacher in the Liberty School District and has the life experience to do what is right for Missourians.


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